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Week Two of Pale Whale Training

Since weighing in at 221 last Saturday I cut out most of my carbohydrates other than oats and beer and have increased my water intake, training at least an hour a day and walking more.

I stepped on the scale and weighed 210 so had some hope that the metabolism is not entirely trashed. I realize that shedding the rest of the weight will be much harder so got to work.

Oliver and I took turns ion the different bags, him concentrating on the heavy bag and me the light bags.

At 10:45 we set the timer for three minute rounds with a 30 second rest.

By 11:18 I was shot.

My rounds were done in an uneven rotation in roughly the following order:

-2 rounds in the speed bag

-2 rounds shadow boxing

-3 rounds on the reflex bag [failed to finish 3rd round]

-1 round on the double-ended bag

-1 round working the stick on the standing heavy bag

-1 round on the heavy bag [failed to finish]

-1 round on the maze ball

I managed 9 full rounds and 2 partial rounds, with only the stick round, speed bag rounds and 1 reflex bag round done at a satisfactory work rate.

My goal next Saturday is 12 full rounds, two being with the stick, which permits a higher work rate than boxing as my shoulder injuries do not impede stick stroking nearly as much as punching.

Thanks, Oliver.

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