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Horny Professor Says, We’re Fucked
While Dribbling on Big Tits By Professor X

My dying wish is for my original title to survive…

Like all of you, I love big tits, grabbing them, squeezing them, banging them together, singing to them and using them as puppets, let alone masturbatory tools. And, of course, I also proclaim that we are fucked. But, I am not the professor referred to in the title. No, I refer to someone famous, Stephen Hawking. Think black holes, but of the cosmic vagina type, not moist mammalian ones. Found in James’s city. Real Freudian suckers that swallow you whole. [I don’t read sci. fi. lit., but do the fuckers who write that shit mix physics and sexual perversions? Is there a way to make a buck doing this, or is the market totally geeked and cucked? Just asking.]

You see Stephen Hawking, who is a super-genius, we suppose, has said that humanity seriously needs to start looking for a new planet because within 100 years, this one will be pretty much finished, from everything from pollution to nuclear war and the population bomb:

Previously he put the figure at 1,000 years, but I suppose that is just inflation, or deflation, I am not sure which.

Well, let us suppose that this is so, just for the sake of argument. What is to stop the new planet from being destroyed in record time too? If we can’t save this one, then what likelihood is there of saving the next? And, the one after that? At some point we will reach the limit of space exploration and have to face our own hubris:

Why not save this planet now? In fact, with the slow development of space travel, and the problems on long-term life in space, it is most unlikely that our future will be in the stars:;;

It could have been different, but our race seriously fucked up, and now we die in this shit house.

Meanwhile, in his down time Professor Hawking likes to frolic with the naked ladies at a Californian sex club, as far as that is possible for someone with motor neuron disease in a wheelchair:

One deserves a Nobel Prize just for that stunt. Even my face would distort in an intelligent spastic way, while all my orifices dripped bodily fluids.

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