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Shep and James on 'The Shambling Shoggoth' Sired by Arnold

James, what are your thoughts regarding the two male offspring of Herr Schwartzenegger? The one conceived with the miniature Indio peasant certainly looks a more likely lad than the shambling Shoggoth sired with Shriver, although "quantity has a quality all its own".

Halberstram on Twitter: "The Bastard Snow is the true heir ...

It's amazing how much difference a dame makes...


Shep, my first question is Arnold's last name. From my very crude understanding of German, it means "Black-Nigger." If this is true one wonder why he didn't sire a son on Serena Williams, who recently won a tennis match while carrying her White Daddy's child!

Now I must look upon the Arnoldian offspring...

I particularly like the following comment:

Thorpe Retweeted Hoyt Thorpe

"Kennedys must carry a huge deleterious mutational load"

Shep, I've been writing about the white and half-breed Indians that were so much responsible for holding off the rot of Western Civilization in our great northern land for 300 years—and now maybe men will believe me. When you mix a Nordic man with an Amerindian, both of whom evolved in northern latitudes, or an Irishman with a Korean for that matter, you tend to get a good athlete and outstanding warfighter. Gentlemen, what you are looking at on that bicycle is the closest thing you're going to see to Crazy Horse, the Sioux war chief, that you are likely to find today.'s+mistress+and+son&qpvt=arnold%27s+mistress+and+son&qpvt=arnold%27s+mistress+and+son&qpvt=arnold%27s+mistress+and+son&FORM=IGRE

In Arnold's defense, she has a hell of a rack. In earlier age she would have been the plantation wetnurse for the Shriver brats. Also, look how well-made her skull is. Her and Arnold have the same armor-plated head! The Shriver line is a degenerate strain of Melninonean* proportions. A healthy mestizo wench is preferred breeding turf over some devolved, gracile Euro-snob snatch.

* Images of Elrik of Melninone

A Note from Lynn

On the topic of Arnie and the Maid, I was reminded of Rashida and Kidada Jones. You should perform image searches and apply your White Daddy descriptive nomenclature. These girls are the lovely daughters of Quincy Jones and some coal burning, gold record digging model. The one (Kidada) looks much more like a black girl than the other (Rashida). The genetic analysis is that Quincy has plenty of European genes and bestowed more of them on Rashida's roll of the dice than on Kidada's.

A Well of Heroes: Two:

Literary Impressions of the Prose and Verse of Robert E. Howard

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ShepMay 26, 2017 3:56 PM UTC

Lynn—all the Cool Kids were watching Rashida's mom (Peggy Lipton) on Mod Squad back in 1968.

Or so I've heard.
ShepMay 24, 2017 4:17 PM UTC

L and J—y'all sound like geneticists to me! Thanks for the thought-provoking input.
Sam J.May 24, 2017 1:06 PM UTC

Let me add one more example to this. If Arnold's Hispanic kid had kids with a White Women they might have some that look White and some Hispanic. In turn he could have kids with a Hispanic and have the same results. The key is that the genes start to separate and come out. The kids in the second generation are highly variable and different parts of the gene pool start to come out rather than have them be a 50-50 even split.

But Arnold's kid you can see directly is a good 50-50 mix of Arnold and his girlfriend. The first offspring of what's called out-breeding does that.

I screwed up the explanation of the corn. The corn actually uses this trait of different strains of corn when mixed give a very stable even type crop so that the seeds will be very alike each other. If you plant saved seed from a hybrid corn (plant the hybrid once then plant the offspring)it will be all different kinds of corn. A lot will be different.
Sam J.May 24, 2017 12:55 PM UTC

With hybrid breeding the first generation is a kind of mix of the parents. Somewhat in between. The next generation the genes separate(mixed traits) and it's really hard to tell what you will get. It will not be exactly like either of the original but will have traits of each. Hybrid corn as a case they don't just mix two good plants exactly. They mix the two plants then then breed out the results. Of those they either back cross and breed to the original or to the best of they get the second generation. Now remember I said they would be a varied mix traits. They keep copies of the varied mix and which ever is best of the breeding of the varied mix is what seed companies sell. I know this is confusing. The general idea is to take two plants with traits you like. Breed for the first generation then breed with the varied genes in the highly mixed generation looking for traits that come out best. When they find the best of the combinations of the highly mixed they use that for seed because they saved all the highly mixed seed so they know which seeds mix works best. This is very hard to explain.
LynnMay 24, 2017 12:08 AM UTC

Shep, you are on to something. El muchacho mestizo is embracing the bulk and seems to be enjoying life in a way the other lads are not. Something is going on, and I suspect nature and nurture both play a part.

As for hybrid vigor, if you don't mind me jumping in, it is only of benefit in severely inbred populations (like Pakistanis) and you only need one generation of breeding with non-cousins (not outside the population) to get the maximum benefits. Breeding between distant groups causes problems, for example difficulty with tissue matching for transplants, and other more subtle issues, some of which have been described by Greg Cochran.
Jeremy BenthamMay 23, 2017 6:53 PM UTC

Hybrid Vigor, eh? Let’s see…hybrid vigor: n. Increased vigor or other superior qualities arising from the crossbreeding of genetically different plants or animals. Also called heterosis. Heterosis: n. The increase in growth, size, yield, or other characters in hybrids over those of the parents.

I’m no geneticist Shep, so I really can’t speak to it much. But in my Midwestern layman’s opinion it seems to work well with corn, since the farmers here keep planting hybrid corn and keep achieving the results they desire. For example, de-tasseling corn stalks by hand in midsummer to produce hybrid corn is still a big job for teen-agers in the Corn Belt states, almost a rite of passage. At the same time I don’t think it works as well with cross-breeding humans especially if our goal is to produce a sports super hero with very particular and usual athletic abilities. Humans have many more average and even objectionable traits than they do superior traits. So by selective breeding, even across racial lines for athletic prowess, you’re more likely to produce an individual of average mediocre (good but not overwhelmingly superior) athletic ability rather than the freak of nature who can see the stiches on the fast ball speeding his way at 100 mph. It would a take you so long to see results in a human population group that it would be nearly impossible to manage it over time the way you can with plants and animals. The anthropologists tell us that lasting mutations to the human genome occur about every 20,000 years; which tells us that human beings haven’t changed that much in the last 40K millennia or so. Since dark skin is a dominant trait in humans, meaning it is more likely to appear in human offspring than white skin if the gene for dark skin is present in either parent, this means that the European white race is the product of severe natural selection over many millennia since the gene for black or brown skin has been eliminated from the northern European genome in the aggregate. This means that white people are more likely to survive a nuclear winter or the coming ice age than people of color as they won’t suffer from vitamin D deficiency from lack of sunlight. So Shep, maybe we better not mess with that just to win a few more sports ball games in the short term. But don’t worry, modern genetic science is on the verge of being able to do gene splicing for specific traits. So soon every white man will be able to jump and every black child will be able to go to college, even without an athletic scholarship.
ShepMay 23, 2017 3:40 PM UTC

Lynn—duly noted. While the others may be cute, in an ethereal sort of way, they lack the ruggedness and "oomph" that one would project onto the heirs of the "Austrian Oak." Leaving aside steroids, HGH, and decades of insanely-intense training, Arnie was born with the natural structure and mass that would have made him a recruiting poster for the fallschirmjager in WW2. My only point was that this seems to have been diluted along one bloodline and reinforced along the other.
ShepMay 23, 2017 5:03 AM UTC

Jeremy, what's your take on "hybrid vigor"?
Jeremy BenthamMay 22, 2017 11:45 AM UTC

James, as I'm sure Herzog will tell you Arnold Schwarzenegger's surname is 'Schwarzen-egger", meaning "black plowman". I don't believe there is racial component to the name, but rather it reflects something that was symbolic in the life of the ancestor that first registered the surname. Or else said ancestor was poor, couldn't pay the registration fee for a 'vanity plate', and had the name assigned to him by an official with a gift for observation and metaphor. The German language is after all filled with pictures and metaphors.

As far as producing children, yes there is such a thing as 'gene frequency' meaning that there is no way of predicting what combination of traits children will be born with from both the father and mother. So if you are tall and your wife is short it's a crap shoot as to whether an individual child of yours will be tall or short. As you say the best way to even this out is to have as many children as you can. But in a big enough sample group even recessive traits in the parents can dominate in an individual, so it's possible for even a tall couple to have short children or a brown haired couple to produce a red-haired child. Also there is the phenomenon of 'regression to the mean', which means that average traits tend predominate in a broad population group. So if a genius marries and a person of average intelligence the offspring of such a union is much more likely to be of average intelligence than genius level intelligence. Especially whatever is average intelligence for the racial group the average person is from. Like Mom observed if we raised people the way we breed livestock many people would not be allowed to marry, at least to each other, because it would be an unfortunate and conflicting combination of genetic traits.
LynnMay 22, 2017 11:02 AM UTC

My cougar, I mean considered opinion, is that the other Shriver brother is a fine specimen. And the two Shriver daughters are cute, too.