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Making Fun of Poor Whites
The Poorest Town in Every State with Jeremy and James

Believe it or not there’s people who have it worse than you do. Be thankful you don’t live in Centreville, IL. I didn’t think anything could be worse than East Saint Louis, IL (right next door as a matter of fact), but apparently it can.

Oh, and I’ll just take a wild guess that people in Maryland probably tell jokes about Cumberland. True? It’s still OK to poke fun at poor white people, isn’t it?


Actually, Cumberland is a great choice—I mean they have built a federal prison out there and set up a drug rehab colony. But it might as well be another state, which is how things are in the Mid-Atlantic. People in Philadelphia don't even realize Pittsburg is in the same state.

It is the Appalachian divide thing.

In general everyone in Maryland and Virginia make fun of West Virginia as it is all Appalachian.

In Baltimore, Baltimore is Maryland, Annapolis is some far away place where rich people argue and Cumberland is only known to exist by those who have family jailed or rehabbing there or watch the weather report. It is the far west of a very narrow state on the other side of a neck of land you can walk a cross in a day.

In Baltimore we make fun of the poor white areas of Essex and Dundalk, now being colonized by hoodrats and Muslims.

The shooting below took place in a hoodrat colony.

People in Harford County make fun of the poor whites in Joppa Town and the Red necks in Cecil County, and so on. Ironically, after making fun of these poor whites the liberal elite either ship their hoodrats there or go there themselves in the never ending and hopeless attempt to outrun the social monsters they have created.

Baltimore County police investigate shooting in Essex

Man shot in area of Sugarwood Circle and Cloverwood Court

Waking Up in Indian Country: Harm City: 2015

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Nero The PictMay 22, 2017 5:10 PM UTC

James and Jeremy,

All of my royal forebears are from Cumberland or the little towns that surround it. I was born there. Lived there off and on growing up. Cumberland encapsulates the pure hell that has been waged on working class Americans since at least the 70's.

My father and every one of his siblings pulled up stakes by the mid 80's. My mother and every single one of her sisters and brothers left (mind you this was a family of the large old school Catholic variety). As soon as was possible. My mother and father split when I was young. Mom remarried a good man from "guess where...?" Cumberland (whom she met in Baltimore).

Cumberland at mid century was Maryland's second largest city after Baltimore. There were multiple glass factories, and railroad repair shops. Kelly Tire had a plant there. Celanese employed a few thousand....All of that had shit the bed by the late 70's. Kelly closed down in the mid 80's.

There is no way to accurately portray just how royally screwed that place is these days. The last time I was passed through was a few months back. The lady and I were headed out that way to go camping. We decided to stop off downtown to stretch the legs and take a walk around what existed of "downtown". Son of a bitch...We were outta the car for maybe 5 minutes and I felt like I was in that movie 28 days later...A roving pack of at least ten junkies wandering about all agitated and pissed off. It spooked me enough that I drew and kept concealed the blade that I was carrying.

I didn't want to frighten the maiden that I was with so didn't say anything...Honest to god that situation coulda gotten really ugly. That was on the same street that I used to go to the lunch counter with my granddad (Where he'd hit on waitresses...Ha!). Never thought I would see a day where that would happen. A little piece of what is left of my soul died....

I cannot help but wonder and think that this is deliberate on the part of some shit stain in DC. That town got laid low in the 80's but it is nothing short of the same shit the Chinese fought the Opium Wars over. All I think of is Whites introducing Indians to liquor. Whatever was left of Cumberland has been hollowed the hell out...

They finally cracked the code on how to break the back of Appalachia. 1. Cut off meaningful employment

2. Get people on welfare.

3. Build prisons. This also ensures that scumbags from bigger cities will come in to live closer to their incarcerated family member.

4. Send in the opiates!!!

5. Open recovery centers!

6. Siphon off all of the young men (and increasingly women Lindsay England of Abu Gharib fame was from there) into the military or prison industry...

Here's an audiovisual representation of what the hell is happening in Cumberland as told by a mystery meat rapper and some ex Baltimore City resident.

My grandparents would be spinning in their graves faster than a centrifuge if they watched the two clips that I posted.

Here is a melodramatic news clip from WMAR...

They are pimping Narcan...They should just let people OD...I say this as someone who has lost a couple of close friends to this shit.

Take Care gents,