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The Jungle Drums of Hate
Jeremy and James Discuss a White on Black Killing

The “Alt-Reich”? So the college student stabbing was white on black violence, eh? And the suspect is someone associated with a ‘white supremacist’ group no less. Talk about a man-bites-dog story for the post-modern age. I was beginning to wonder if such a thing as a white supremacist group really existed anymore. We’ve heard hardly a peep from them for years. Now this.


Are the authorities certain there isn’t some other motivation behind this homicide, like a love triangle or some other rivalry? The parties involved were both college students after all. Neither the victim or the suspect appear to have criminal records. The victim is wearing U.S. Army Military Intelligence (MI) branch insignia in the photograph of him in uniform, that suggests he had a pretty clean record since one must be able to pass a top secret background investigation (TBI) to be selected for MI. No mention is made of the suspect having a criminal record. It’s a safe bet the police and/or media would have mentioned it if he had. The police are alleging the suspect fortified himself with ‘Dutch courage’ and was drinking before committing the assault. That hardly makes it seem premeditated.

The police are quick to jump to the conclusion that the attack was unprovoked and based entirely on racial animus. From what you’ve been telling us over the years James, the BPD seldom makes the assumption that any of the daily black on white attacks is in any way an unprovoked, one-sided, predatory assault, much less motivated by race hatred. Rather they prefer to characterize such assaults as ‘fights’ and ‘mutual affrays' in which both parties were willing participants in the violence and thus share part of the blame for what transpired. How do we know that the witnesses are telling the truth? As any cop can tell you eye-witnesses frequently provide the least accurate and reliable evidence in a criminal case. Especially when there is reason to suspect racial bias. We know dindus DO lie.

Anyway the so-called Alt-Reich and every other white identity group is about to get all sorts of attention from the authorities. Natch.

"Hate has no place in America. Hate has no place on a college campus," said Artie Lee Travis, vice president for Student Affairs at Bowie State University.”

Speaking of hate, I hate to have to break the news to you Mr. Travis, but this country is chock full of hate now and most of it is directed against normal working and middle class white people, and Republicans of every background. Look at all of the hate that is directed against our President Donald Trump, as well as the people who elected him to office, each and every day. Get outraged about that and the endemic black mob violence in Baltimore once why don’t you? Check out Colin Flaherty’s books and YouTube channel for a look at what’s really going on. The Left is motivated by hate. Conservatives are motivated by a desire to protect that which they love from daily attack by the Left and their minions.

James, What’s your take on this? What are the urban jungle drums telling you about what went down?

Jeremy, I was going to make this a paste in to our discussion of poor white towns you make fun of. Severna Park is part of Anne Arundel County. Baltimore County spreads from East, to North [all the way to the PA state line] to West of the City, with only one slim precinct south of it. Now, in South and Southwest Baltimore, there was a long tradition of whites fighting and holding ground. This is where Big Ron grew up.

These folks largely migrated south and east to Brooklyn, Glen Bernie and Severna Park that stretch along Ritchie Highway into Rural Southern Maryland. Most current white prize fighters are from these areas. The close southern Baltimore County suburb of Landsdowne once supported the 4th Reich [who had a mixed race member I spoke to in The Logic of Steel, Link Sanchez], a white identity gang who feuded with the black identity Arbutus gang the Untouchables. Though they were both racial identity gangs only the Fourth Reich was regarded as racist by authorities. While coaching in Landsdowne, I did train with a member of a white resistance group who were cool with training with black guys, but just didn't socialize with them. In my early twenties, I heard of a 100 person gang called Southern Maryland Skinheads but know nothing of them.

As for Bowie, this campus has the lowest GPA in the state system, last I heard, and has a higher percentage of blacks than any state university outside of Coppin State and CCBC in Baltimore and Baltimore County.

I have heard nothing of this stink in Baltimore and am curious if we will get an upwelling.

As for the color of racism and aggression in Harm City, in case our paleface readers have not gotten the memo, here are the rules:

1. Black identity groups that preach white genocide and routinely launch mob attacks on lone whites, are not racist and have no agency, for everything they do is caused by the evil society set up by white people.

2. All members of white identity groups seek to kill all blacks and are all guilty of civil rights crimes for the sole reason that they identify as white, and since they are white and therefore have agency, they may be held fully accountable.

Like it or not those are the parameters of the aggression game in and around Baltimore and they will be fully implemented nationwide. These rules of rough play have been put in place by Liberal White Elites, most of whom are not Jews, in law enforcement, politics and corrections. For instance, white prison gangs are always targeted by federal agencies and black and Latino gangs usually are not.

The key social dynamic to liberal men [who have managed our society for these past 100 years], women and blacks being in lockstep in politics and media is this: the concept of AGENCY, or free will and self-determinism in society.

-White conservatives and Alt-Right and Libertarian types believe that all people have agency.

-White liberal men do not believe that blacks, or women have agency, that they are witless, emotional children-for-life who must be kept either happily-beholding or hate-filled in order to insure their loyalty.

-Blacks overwhelmingly believe that they have no agency, believe that they are mere, suffering meat-puppets who are the vehicles for the evil that powerful white men do.

-Women overwhelmingly believe, subject as they are to their debilitating mental chemistry, their physical inferiority and their incubation design, that they have no agency and are merely the vessels for masculine desire and malevolence.

This is what comes of a pluralistic democracy and why the few remaining MEN need to abandon stuffy conservatism and the sissy ways of the Alt-Right if they are to survive, for the other team makes the rules. This means, that you have to be much better and be willing to cheat or you're going to loose.

The Full Story Below;center,top&resize=660:*

Severna Park man charged in UMd. fatal stabbing

Bowie State student dies in stabbing at UMd. campus


A Severna Park man with ties to a racist Facebook group has been charged in a fatal stabbing early Saturday on the University of Maryland-College Park campus, university police said.

Police said officers were called on a report of an assault with a knife shortly after 3 a.m. on Regents Drive near Montgomery Hall. Police found the victim on a sidewalk suffering from serious injuries.

Investigators say the victim, a Bowie State University student, was standing with two friends near a bus stop when the suspect approached and stabbed him. Police said the attack was unprovoked. The victim suffered serious wounds to his chest and died at Shock Trauma.

Police identified the victim as Army 2nd Lt. Richard Wilbur Collins III, who was supposed to graduate Tuesday.


"We have spoken to the father of the victim, and our thoughts and prayers are with him and the entire family at this time," said Mickey Burnim, president of Bowie State University.

Prince George's County police officers stopped a man on Regents Drive near Montgomery Hall who police said witnesses identified as the person who assaulted the victim.

Police said the suspect, Sean Christopher Urbanski, 22, of Severna Park, is a University of Maryland student. He was charged with first- and second-degree murder and first-degree assault.

Authorities said the FBI is now involved with the investigation, saying that Urbanski is a member of a Facebook group called Alt-Reich that police said shows extreme bias toward African-Americans. The FBI is providing technical assistance and will evaluate the totality of the circumstances before making a determination about whether this is a hate crime.

"Hate has no place in America. Hate has no place on a college campus," said Artie Lee Travis, vice president for Student Affairs at Bowie State University.

Police said they believe Urbanski had been drinking before the incident.

BSU expresses condolences to the family of our student who was fatally stabbed. Read President Burnim’s message:

— Bowie State Univ. (@BowieState) May 20, 2017

The governor released a statement, saying:

The first lady and I are deeply saddened by the death of the young man from Bowie

State University, and send our sincerest condolences to his family and loved ones.

I have spoken to President Loh, and Col. William Pallozzi of the Maryland State Police has been in contact with University law enforcement. The state is working closely with the University of Maryland as they investigate this horrific situation.

Our students deserve to feel safe, and violence on our campuses will not be tolerated.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Bowie State University and University of Maryland families as they grieve and begin the healing process in the wake of this tragedy.

Waking Up in Indian Country: Harm City: 2015

More on the university stabbing.

“Mitchell, the police chief, said the attack has spread fear across the university. "If I'm a person of color I would certainly look at this as something that could happen to me. In fact, I know on Facebook our students are saying that," Mitchell said.”

“Dr. Artie Lee Travis, vice president for student affairs at Bowie State, said the school hopes the investigation moves forward as quickly as possible. "Hate has no place in America," Travis said. "Hate has no place on a college campus, where young minds are coming together to try to change the world," he said.”

FBI investigating whether university stabbing was hate crime

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Nero The PictMay 22, 2017 4:01 PM GMT+4

It would also be interesting to see non-juked crime statistics for Bowie State. I suspect that young black males are a threat to young black males. This is truely a man bites dog incident.