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Murderbowl Update.

“Four people were killed and at least 34 others, including a 9-year-old boy, were wounded in shootings across Chicago between Friday night and Monday morning.”

4 dead, 34 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings Chicago Shootings Info

“...Baltimore County law enforcement looks like a small private army that should be somewhere in the Middle East. Nevertheless, this is a first hand account of the militarism in US police forces.”

Why should this surprise anyone? Of course our police are arming up. We are at war with ourselves after all. Crime has been allowed to get out of control in many of our major cities. Whenever social disorder like this is allowed to get out of control then there is no longer any painless way to set things right again. Of course what bothers people like the author of this article the most about the "militarization of police” is being reminded that we no longer live in a safe, homogeneous society. Rather we live in a chaotic multicultural one. It’s like Colin Flaherty has observed, black people have no expectation of safety where they live, why should whites?

Meanwhile, In Baltimore... |


What I Saw Today In Maryland... The Militarization Of Police.

The intensive militarization of America’s police forces is a serious topic of which the mainstream media somewhat ignores. On my travels to Hunt Valley, Maryland, I stumbled upon a family oriented charity event for law enforcement at the University of Maryland Extension. I was shocked to find unattended assault rifles and military gear loosely displayed. (Weapons had safety features in place)

Armored military vehicle with turret

Baltimore County, Maryland police helicopter

Military grade optics on the helicopter. By the way, FLIR systems is head quartered right here in Hunt Valley, Maryland

Conclusion: Baltimore County law enforcement looks like a small private army that should be somewhere in the Middle East. Nevertheless, this is a first hand account of the militarism in US police forces.

Bonus: Like it or not, the march towards a police state is here

Colin Flaherty chronicles official denial, deceit and delusion about black mob violence. Police keep arresting blacks for no reason at all and that has to stop say Leftists like the new George Soros sponsored DA in Philadelphia.

“Philly finally figured it out. So did Chicago and Portland and Dallas: the reason why black crime and violence are so wildly out of proportion: White racism. The Philadelphia epiphany arrived during the recent election for district attorney. The seven Democrat candidates only disagreed on one thing: who was the most outspoken in their belief in the white boogie man.”

Post Slavery Stress Disorder? As you say James, the narrative is that we are all supposed to believe that blacks still have no agency, they are relentless victims of white racism. White men are the only beings who have agency, free will and the power of self-determination in our society, and thus the only ones who can be held completely accountable for their actions.

Philly Figures It Out: White Racism Causes Black Crime - Black victimization the new mantra in the DA's office in Philadelphia

2 suspects arrested for fatal shooting of Krispy Kreme driver

The rule of three in Mississippi.

Police: Three Teens Stole Car, Killing 6-Year-Old Boy in Back Seat

Three Mississippi teenagers were arrested after a 6-year-old boy was killed in the back seat of a stolen car, police said.

Murder suspect who used big-penis defense found not guilty

Bitches be Crazy Update.

Police: Mom killed 2 kids to 'save them from the evils of the world'—law/police-mother-shot-kids-save-them-from-the-evils-the-world/tA7VRlGMel9QOfn5f7UoVO/

Police: Man kills neo-Nazi roommates over Islam disrespect

When You're Food: Raw:

A Fighter’s View of Predatory Aggression: The Forever Autumn Press Edition

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