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Freddie Gray Lives On
Baltimoe City Police Department is Cleaning House

Of the six evil, racist, white BPD officers who "murdered" Freddie Gray are facing disciplinary measures.

The stool pigeon, William G. Porter, who pointed the finger at the black female white cop supervising Gray's arrest and transportation and hence derailed the case, is free and clear.

-Italian White cop, Nero is facing suspension.

-White White cop, Miller is facing suspension.

-Milk Chocolate White cop Caesar Goodson could be fired.

-Skinhead White White cop, Brain Rice is set to get boned as well.

-Dark Chocolate White cop, Alicia White [this is too funny], a top of the line force-multiplying BT-1000 from Cyberdine Systems, who was in charge of kicking Martyr Gray's ass is also, is also set to lose her job.

With three less experienced cops on the street, the Harm City Hoodrats should be good for at least one extra body in the post-season stretch.

Just for the record, of all of the dozens of folks, white and black, I have interviewed about being arrested over the years, not one of them was ever strapped into the paddy wagon, which was the crux of the case, that the six killers maliciously denied Freddie the restraint he so dearly desired.

War Drums: Forty Miles from The Big House

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