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The Secret of The Black Door
Pages 31-33 of Napi Mephisto by Ron West

Why and how disaster surrounds the lives of everyone who projects the violence of ego onto a Black Door shaman: The Black Door refers to a mentality of parallel universe access via shamanic androgynous modality (access to both brains as fluent in reality, lucid dreaming would be example given to how westerners might more typically glimpse it from this side.) So what happens in the other universe is just as real, the Black Door shaman is just as real there as here, but in that reality, when justice is served, the laws of reality step away from compassion and give no quarter.

Napi, a high functioning shaman in the ancient lineage of the “Black Door”, and separately familiar with the Ghost Medewiwin knowledge imparted to him by ‘Grandpa’, had inherited several White students from Grandpa when Grandpa had migrated to the beyond

Grandpa’s travel to the ‘Sand Hills’ (an old translation which reflected the historic Native/Anglo communication difficulties, actually the Sand Hills was meant to impart the idea of ‘The Great Infinity’) had left Napi stumped

These male students inherited from Grandpa totally struggled with the concepts of Native reality, largely it seemed because they lacked fluency in any Native American language

These languages were so functionally different, it would appear Grandpa had resorted to desperate means to bring the knowledge across the divide from the Native language place of no nouns, rather a place of process where no experience can be replicated from one moment to the next, to what seemed a hopelessly finite language of hard descriptions in material objectivity

Before he had migrated, Grandpa had taught these students to pray to the most dangerous of all the native gods. The native god that delivers the hard lessons to the people who either do not pay attention to their own dangerous behaviors or, in this case it would appear to people who had no capacity to see how dangerous their behaviors are. And he had taught them to speak this gods name in the Summer ceremony of the Man’s purification bath, an act historically forbidden to any native speaker

Napi had puzzled over this, when he’d discovered what Grandpa had been up to while teaching these Whites. Because, now Napi had inherited several of them, the ones willing to listen and wanting to go on with their learning

Napi’s experience with this was not without a glimmer of hope, however. He had a student of his own that was able to make the native reality manifest and this man, Spotted Buffalo, did not speak a native language. He was bi-lingual however. He happened to be German and a White Indian

Napi had been able to explain to Spotted Buffalo: The Black Door refers to something like the gate in ‘Star Gate 1’, if the Indians would have written something like science fiction, except in the old, now nearly extinct world of the native training

In the Oral Shamanic reality (the racially Red Indians are nearly all literate, western educated, and mentally White- these days, nothing like this) it was not fiction. Not fiction at all

The gate to the realm of the gods is between the parallel universe of the mind, it is the purposely developed power of dreaming

The greatest of the Black Doors would sometimes create reality from dream state: as

reality on this side of the door, as in the corporeal illusion, and were hugely feared

People did not dare to cross the gaze of these shamans for fear of having a careless and subsequently surely fatal thought. Napi recalled from his lessons:

“The paradox of the Black Door to the westerner is: how the tremendous danger of psychically (or mentally) assaulting a Black Door had been born from the Black Door’s androgynous practice of kindness in a place of no fear… and the unspeakable involuntary consequence for any Black Door foe or any micro-cosmic or even a macro-cosmic world which arouses the greater cosmic realm’s wrath by forcefully polluting a Black Door’s kindness with the projected violence of ego… for the greater the consequence delivered to the westerner, the greater the fear the westerner’s engender in themselves- resulting in projecting greater violence still, only to see greater consequence yet again… to the point of witnessing their world destroyed around themselves before their own inevitable end… and the Black Door’s law of non-interference require he witness without succor the violence which can only finally consume those who will not abandon it “You must learn to live our law of non-interference to survive the collective disasters of the ‘Strangled People’ (a Black Door term for Western mentality)”

Napi explained to Spotted Buffalo:

The Rules for a Black Door practicing the Law of Non-Interference are:

1) I don’t know anything (No one can know what to expect)

2) Never lie to yourself

3) Practice invisibility

4) No fear

5) Paradox is in everything (There can be an exception to any rule)

Each of these rules has a subset of teachings. When you have understood these initial ideas, we can move on to the more advanced teachings. But first you must learn the timing, the concept there is no such thing as an accident or coincidence, there is no such thing as right and wrong, there is only what works and what does not work.

If you align yourself in the timing, you are with it, you are in with what works. If you cannot align yourself with the timing, nothing works. Things only can go wrong. This is what the Whiteman’s civilization is discovering in a very big way. The farther you take your reality out of time’s alignment, things will go wrong for you in bigger and more spectacular ways. You have to stay aligned with time to know a sensible existence. The Law of Non-Interference practiced as approach to life will bring you into the Alignment

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