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'Before Summer'
'Look Hon, Bowlmohr Made da Natty News!' The City Of Baltimore Is Utterly Collapsing by Infowars

Thanks to Deuce for the heads up for this article.

The Baltimore population level is at a 100 year low, as murder rises to an all time high.

At five minutes the narrator discusses a block of row homes he found on fire and stated that the locals believe City operatives are starting these fires. This does check out with the fact that vacants are on taxable land for gentrification and that 15 years ago Baltimore had over 25,000 vacant homes and that is now down to 16,000. Although City officials blame the fires on "the homeless" who squat in thee buildings, the homeless have zero incentive to see them burn and the city as huge incentive to be rid of them. The homeless in Baltimore are hunted for sport by mobs of savage teens. Baltimore City, I believe, is waging war on it's poor by permitting criminals free reign and forcing them out into the County. Why wouldn't the corrupt government also burn them out?

At 13:40 there is a shot of Old Town Mall, across the street from a Juvenile Detention Center and next to a running track and field where Mister Mack Lewis used to run his fighters until 2002. This mall is hundreds of years old, sits dead center in town and has been ignored by real business and government since I moved back to Baltimore in 1980.

Baltimore: 'This is what poverty in the US looks like' - BBC News

Notice that the worse off family in this episode are white, stay behinds, abandoned by their own kind as the zombie hordes pushed into the neighborhood. In America, they suffer from the fatal flaw of not running, an unforgivable urban sin, in a nation where the ancestral home is a fool's pit of despair and only nomad real estate juggling is in line with the national ethos.

James the white family in the BBC clip shows Wilhelm Street, a couple blocks from Eddie Van Kirk's street. Very sad what's happening to our city.

-Big Ron

Baltimore: 'This is what poverty in the US looks like' - BBC News

Thriving in Bad Places

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