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From the “things are tough all over” department.

Alas, the rackets just aren’t paying off like they used too.

“Life as a Japanese "yakuza" mobster is getting so hard that some are resorting to shoplifting food to stay in business.”—/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjtzbT0xO3c9ODAwO2lsPXBsYW5l/http:/

Hard times: Japanese yakuza arrested for stealing food

Japan's mobsters—who famously cut their fingers off to atone for offending a boss—are finding life so tough that some are now resorting to shoplifting to keep gang members fed (AFP Photo/Frank Zeller)

Tokyo (AFP) - Life as a Japanese "yakuza" mobster is getting so hard that some are resorting to shoplifting food to stay in business.

Two members of an organised crime gang were arrested for allegedly trying to steal grocery items worth 76,120 yen ($683) at a mall in the central Japanese city of Nagoya, police told AFP on Wednesday.

"They are members of an affiliated gang group of the Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi," a police spokesman said, referring to an organisation that split off from the country's biggest yakuza crime syndicate, Yamaguchi-gumi, in 2015.

The gangsters, aged 52 and 59, reportedly tried to steal 198 items including a watermelon, rice, eel, and prepared dishes, in the company of their gang boss, the Asahi and Mainichi dailies reported.

One of the men told police that "the group is so poor" members have to steal food, the Mainichi said.

Japan's yakuza blossomed from the chaos of post-war Japan into multi-billion-dollar criminal organisations involved in everything from gambling, drugs and prostitution to loan sharking, protection rackets and white-collar crime.

They were long tolerated as a necessary evil for ensuring order on the streets and getting things done quickly—however dubious the means.

Unlike the Italian Mafia or Chinese triads in other countries, yakuza have long occupied a peculiar grey area in Japanese society—they are not illegal and each group has its own headquarters in full view of police.

But waning social tolerance, a weak economy and steadily falling memberships have hurt their bottom line.

Stiffer anti-gang regulations are also making life a struggle as regular businesses are banned from dealing with mobsters, who struggle to even open a bank account or receive mail at their office.

Such factors have been cited as contributing to the high-profile split of the Yamaguchi-gumi.

What? Is the brother racist that he doesn’t want a white cock? I would think being two-toned would make him more of a novelty in the local sexual market place.

Black man who underwent penis transplant will have it tattooed because the donor was WHITE

· A 40-year-old man had the world's third successful penis transplant in April

The black patient will have to have medical tattooing to fix a color discrepancy

A tattoo artist explained to exactly how to tattoo a penis

The man who received the transplant is black and the penis donor was white

The patient will regain urinary and reproductive functions within six months

The patient, who is unnamed for ethical reasons, lost his member 17 years ago

South African surgeons who did the first successful transplant, also did this one

Strange bedfellows indeed. James, how does it feel?

So long as Sean doesn't snorr louder than I do, we'll get along just fine.[/ITALIC

“Despite the pleas of a grieving family, and the growing unease of his own employer, right-wing commentator Sean Hannity insists he will not back down from his increasingly problematic claims that Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was slain last summer because he'd leaked information to Wikileaks. His murderers, in this warped version of the story, are presumably liberal operatives out for silence and revenge.”

Sean Hannity Stands by Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory

Jihad Update.

Theresa May warns a fresh terror attack is feared to be IMMINENT as she raises threat level to critical and orders 5,000 troops onto the streets after attack by British-born Libyan Salman Abedi

•Troops are to be deployed onto Britain's streets amid fears a further terror attack 'may be imminent'

•Theresa May announced the move this evening, less than 24 hours after the bomb attack at a teen concert

•Prime Minister confirmed the identity of the Manchester suicide bomber as British Libyan Salman Abedi, 22

•There have been 22 confirmed fatalities in the blast, with the youngest just eight years old

•It emerged late last night that schoolgirl Megan Hurley, from Liverpool, was the fifth named victim

Jihad update.

“Carrying the war into the heart of the enemy’s country is the surest plan of making him share its burdens and foiling his plans.”

—Dennis Hart Mahan, 1802-1871, West Point Professor of Engineering and the Art of War.

So is it a bad idea to kill Islamic terrorists overseas, before they can enter our country?

Generally speaking it’s always a better idea to fight the war on the other side’s territory than your own. For obvious reasons.

That’s why Mad Dog Mattis is telling the generals to kill as many of the ISIS fighters in Syria and Iraq as they can before they can scatter and return to their countries of origin to ply their trade. A good share of the ISIS fighters in any Middle-Eastern war zone are not of local origin. Many are even immigrants or the children of immigrants to the West. Like Abedi.

“Abedi had traveled to Libya within the last 12 months, one of multiple countries he had visited, the official said. While he had "clear ties to al Qaeda," the official said, Abedi could have had connections to other groups.”

“Members of his own family had even informed on him in the past, telling British authorities that he was dangerous, according to the intelligence official.”

“The U.S. official said Abedi's bomb was "big and sophisticated," using materials hard to obtain in Britain — meaning "it's almost impossible to see he didn't have help."

Manchester Bomb Suspect Had Terrorism Training Abroad: Source

"There are six things with Allah for the martyr. He is forgiven with the first flow of blood (he suffers), he is shown his place in Paradise, he is protected from punishment in the grave, secured from the greatest terror, the crown of dignity is placed upon his head—and its gems are better than the world and what is in it—he is married to seventy two wives among Al-Huril-'Ayn of Paradise, and he may intercede for seventy of his close relatives."

- The Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) as Quoted in the Hadith “The Book on Virtues of Jihad” Jami` at-Tirmidhi, narrated by Narrated Al-Miqdam bin Ma'diykarib

“I would say today, we can integrate all religions and races except Islam.”

– Lee Kuan Yew, 1923 –2015, First Prime Minister of Singapore

“I've said it before, I know, but it bears repeating: The most amazing, astounding, astonishing statistic of the 21st century is that the annual rate of Muslim immigration into the U.S.A. increased after 9/11.”

- John Derbyshire 07/17/2016

One of the advantages of being a Muslim is that you don’t necessarily have to die an unaccomplished failure. You can always wipe out a bunch of unbelievers in a suicide attack and end your life as a “Shahid", a Jihadist martyr. One whose sins have been remitted and who has secured immediate entry into paradise, one who will not have to suffer the torment of the grave and await the resurrection on the Last Day. And he may take 70 of his family member with him. What a deal, huh?

Salman Abedi’s was another ‘known wolf’ living among us. Someone who was already on the radar screen of the local security forces as a radical who warranted keeping an eye on. A child of Libyan refugees who just never fit in to the society of the country of his birth. Of course like all such frustrated young Muslim losers he was filled with anger and resentment that the infidels around him all seem prosperous and happy, yet he, a true believer of Islam, is denied the material success to which he believes he is entitled.

Once again the God-Emperor is proven correct in that the fewer Muslims you allow in the country the less Islamic terrorism you will experience. No Muslims = no Muslim terrorism.

Salman Abedi’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Police at the scene of a reported explosion during a concert in Manchester, England, on May 23, 2017. (Getty)

Salman Abedi, 22, has been identified as the attacker who detonated a suicide bomb at the Manchester Arena at the end of an Ariana Grande concert, killing himself and at least 22 people, while wounding at least 59 others, Greater Manchester Police say.

Police Chief Constable Ian Hopkins confirmed his identity during a press conference Tuesday. He was born in Britain, authorities said.

Abedi is believed to have used an improvised explosive device, police said. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. NBC News reported Abedi name could actually be spelled Salmon Ramadan Abedi.

CORRECTION: CBS News can confirm suspected Manchester attacker is 23-year-old Salman Abedi

— CBS News (@CBSNews) May 23, 2017

A Roger Moore Tribute. Nobody can top ole Sean as the quintessential movie depiction of Ian Fleming’s James Bond, but Roger did an all right job. Liked him in “The Saint” TV series as well. Farewell.


13 of the Best Roger Moore James Bond Scenes

White in the Savage Night: A Politically Incorrect Life In Words: 2016

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