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Russian Nazi Abusing Innocent Mexicans
By Fred Beare

If it is not bad enough having Nazi types and other extreme Right Wingers – said to be an equal terrorist threat to Islamic terrorists ( – causing all sorts of trouble on the home front, from brown/black bear hunting to truck attacks, now these scum are going to Mexico and abusing the kindly people down there.

Just look at this shocking Russian thug, Aleksei Makeev, who insulted the local people in the most vile racist way, even stepping on their pizza, then posting his insults on social media. He attacked the food of little children and made them cry, the children that is, not the food, which was generally squashed. He was a bully, like those putting our heads down the toilet at grade school and flushing us. Worse, if that was possible, he would often stand outside his apartment and hurl racist, racist and more racist abuse at locals passing by, innocently minding their own business. People going to the markets, shopping for beans and other vegetables.

Eventually the insulted had enough and attacked him in his apartment with rocks and sticks. He, unfortunately, stabbed one 19-year-old to death.

It just goes to show that an abused people will eventually fight back … won’t they?;;

Waking Up in Indian Country: Harm City: 2015

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FFS kill the punctuation characters at the end of those URLs.