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Drink Deep of Night
Song of the Secret Gardener Paperback – May 24, 2017

Over the past two weeks I have written no fiction for posting on the site, as I had six chapters left in Drink Deep of Night. And don't forget, that since anything and everything I write that is not advice on hurting people, sells less than ten copies, you will, by buying this or any other fiction title by James LaFond, be acquiring a rare and collectable item! I have even arranged for the printer to place the date and location of your unique book's printing and binding on the back of the last page. Look and see and know that it is true!

What if our nightmares, myths, devils and demons had a singular source, a source so advanced as to be as a scientist to our bacteria, so alien as to be unable to communicate with us, without becoming us?

A possible answer to these disturbing questions may be found in James LaFond’s Drink Deep of Night, a tale told in that place where wonder and horror meet in the mind.

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