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‘Five Minutes to Midnight’
U.S. Population Projected Decrease for 2025 with Michael Walsh

When reading machete Season I discovered that the Rwandan banana farmers who took up their work machetes and murdered their neighbors killed more people in a shorter time than did the Third Reich with all of its trains, camps and gas chambers.

It is so easy to kill unarmed people running and hiding for their life that half a million can be done away with in a mere month. It makes you wonder how stupid the Final Solutioners were, that they took six times longer to kill unarmed civilians who did not run and hide, but who obediently lined up to be taken away.

After listening to this podcast—which I can’t get behind in terms of predictive value—I feel even more naïve than before in the realm of doing away with hordes of innocents. Just don’t let them have any water for a few days and it’s a done deal. Bring in some Mexicans to bury all of your dead Baby Boomers.

Actually if the FEMA death camps for disposing of the elderly that this chap suggests do come into being, I think it’s just deserts, putting the knife in the neck of the most wretched generation to over live, the Baby Boomers.

Under the God of Things

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Baby BoomerMay 25, 2017 10:29 AM UTC

FU .