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‘The Ever-Growing Ranks of the Dead’
5 Worst Times & Places To Be Alive In Human History

You have to give it to the Mongols for killing more people than the Soviets and the Third Reich together.

The diseases that wiped out Amerindians were all associated with keeping livestock. The hardest hit were the agrarian societies. The hunting and gathering societies held on much longer. The 90% figure comes from fall of the Taino, Aztecs and Incas and does not apply to other societies. When subject to alien contact the kiss of death is a centralized society. Dispersed tribes did well and hung on for centuries.

My great grandmother Quaid told my mother and grandmother, that in 1910, when she gave birth to my Grandmother Mary, that “bodies were stacked up like cordwood in the lobby of the hospital.”

The story of the 47-Ronin in the second video is the best retelling of the tale I have heard.

The Lioness of Brittany was one bad bitch. If you haven’t heard of her, listen to this, though Princess Olga out does this bitch!

The Righteous and Harmonious fists were almost my favorite anti-Christian fanatics, right behind Rolo the Viking. The third video covers this and other revolutions which almost succeeded.

Under the God of Things

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