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The Penis Mightier than the Sword
By Fred Beare

The penis is mightier than the sword, but pussy can still fuck up the most powerful of men. Just ask old Donny Trump about the now infamous hand swatting incident as Melanoma, sorry, whatever her name is, swatted his hand away as they walked down the tarmac to meet the Prime Minister of Israel, whose wife would never swat his hand away:

I mean, fancy doing that to the Prezzy of the USA in public! The world’s most unhappy couple, Hillary and Bill would not have done this, and they both knew how to act. I really don’t like this woman; she has good tits, but that’s about it. Oh, here are her tits:

I think that her expression would put one off using her pics to jack off, even if one was 15 again. “What are you looking at you dirty boy?! Here, I will swat your dirty hand!”

Back to the pen/penis metaphor, who would have thought that that a kindly gentleman with the surname “Thrash” would impregnate a 10-year-old:

“He’s not type of person that you’d think would do something like this,” said the grandmother.” Sure. And: “The family is now asking for help getting maternity clothes for that young girl. They say she is a size small.” If I could cry I would, but all tears are gone for this lifetime.

Then we have:, with the gripping headline “four men Accused of Gang Raping 16-Year-Old –girl ‘Passed Her Around Like an Entertainment Device.”” Yes, but few entertainment devices can have “every single orifice [penetrated].” It took place in the UK, so see if you can guess the ethnicity of the rapists.

Having got that one right in our race suicide bingo, how about this for the money, or mummy shot: “I’ll fuck your mother…everything. Believe me”:

Sure, I believe you. My mom’s name is Glock.

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