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Drug counselors overdose at addiction facility

Story highlights

•Two drug counselors were found dead at an addiction facility

•Police found drug paraphernalia near their bodies

"If anybody is wondering how bad the opioid epidemic has become, this case is a frightening example," Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan said. "The staff members in charge of supervising recovering addicts succumbed to their own addiction and died of opioid overdoses. Opioids are a monster that is slowly consuming our population." Authorities haven't released the counselors' names.

First responders were called Monday to Freedom Ridge Recovery Lodge in West Brandywine Township, a private group home and halfway house for struggling drug addicts, according to the district attorney's office.

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Homicide Update. Lesson learned: nothing good comes from posting stuff on social media. Eventually you’ll make some snarky joke to your friends that will get you fired.

Fatal shooting outside NW Baltimore carry-out remains unsolved

“Baltimore police said they have leads but still no suspects in the murder of a man outside of a carryout restaurant on Reisterstown Road earlier this year. Officers were investigating the death of Ernest Solomon on March 27, when they found the victim’s infant daughter sitting in his car. Solomon’s family said they are anxious for answers, especially for his daughter, who no longer has her father. Solomon, 26, was a security guard at Mondawmin Mall and the oldest of five boys at the time of his death.”

Jeremy, Ernest was a good guy, and like many employees who I know at Mondawmin, death threats from looters and purgers are common. "I'll see you afta' work, nigger," is the most common thing retail clerks and security guards are told when a Dindu does not get his way.;0,0&resize=900:*

Victim's daughter found inside his car at scene of killing, police say

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