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‘When it All Goes to Shit’
Big Ron on a Counter Insurgency in a World Overrun by Drug Addicts and Dindus

Worrying too much is a deeply female thing. The most I ever worried about was would I drink too much to get up for work.

We’ve always been in the way of the rich people and what they want to do. Working class people have always been hated. The rich boys don’t go fight in their daddies’ wars, but rarely. It’s always been the poor man getting killed in wars. The men in my family who served told me that.

If you hate, that will eat your heart up.

Go out and find a woman and go out and have some fun—fall in love, and when it all goes to shit, still kill a nigger. But in the meantime live a little.

If you’re a middle-aged man you are not going to have a one-on-one, sober fight. You’re dealing with a drunk or you’re dealing with a small group, with a leader in your face.

With a big group, you are dealing with the dummy that gets sent out to test you. If it’s a scuffle, they are on you and if you drop him they laugh at him. If you think about it too much, it will make you sad. What you need to think about is that [motions at Casey the lithe barmaid] that’s what you need to be thinking about. We all know we’re fucked. You might as well get some pussy on the way down.

Beetle Juice John was a wino on Harford road and he offered to jump off the roof if people would kick in some money and climb up on the back of this bar and took a running jump and jumped right off the roof onto the parking lot. He passed the hat and came in here and drank like a champ. I gave him a five.

Outside the Hub Cap one night there was a guy selling his glass eye. He wanted 20 bucks for it. Said he needed money to drink. I was going to buy that glass eye—it would be great to keep around in a pocket for a conversation piece. It wasn’t round but concave. My wife wouldn’t let me and had me give him a couple of bucks. I still regret not buying that eye.

The point is, it goes to illustrate that winos and drug addicts are willing to get injured as the price of doing business, of getting their fix. Beetle Juice John was willing to break a leg. A lot of these junkies, as soon as they get the shit beat out of them, they move on to the next hustle.

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