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Skank Watch
USA Sexguide Baltimore?

In this utterly disgusting Google page, in which ho hounds rate hookers, give tips on the presence of Uncle LEO [Law Enforcement Officer] which might interfere with the unsavory trysts, the reader is treated to the graffiti on the men's room wall at the Nadir of decency. One ho is famous for getting clients mugged and all seem to be willing to have their pictures taken and posted for an extra $10—a whole rock of crack that will get her.

Big Ron showed me this on his smart phone and did say it was a good way of targeting where the drug trade is, because all of the hos are addicts, and just as hos gravitate to drug distribution centers, so do burglars and stickup thugs.

This is a symptom of the times, another predator's paw print on the Anarcho-Tyranny trace.

Sorry, girls, I couldn't help the ad placement.

When Your Job Sucks

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