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‘Fake-Stream News &‘Inverted Morality’
Andy Nowicki - Meta-Pizzagate: The Investigation Continues on Red Ice Radio

Andy Nowicki is the best writer on the Alt-Right and possibly the worst speaker. If I ever get interviewed on audio I hope I can get the mud out of my mouth better than Andy addressed his stammering.

The subject of the interview is not Pizza Gate, but the meta-social aspects of having evil rulers. Early on I was irritated by the fact that neither Andy or the very knowledgeable host explained Pizza Gate to me. I just don’t know what it was and don’t have time for looking up that kind of stuff. Andy’s take was the details were not important but what is of gravity is that we have a cabal of the most powerful people in the world raping children.

This is the problem with academics on the right, even those who believe they are cynics. Andy just can’t conceive of a world were child rape is permitted. I can tell you that most people born and raised in Baltimore are raped as children—virtually all black kids are raped as children.

This is also nothing new, and stems from the fact that child rape was cornerstone of English economics and that America was founded as internment camps for orphans who were systematically raped, beaten, worked to death and murdered.

That our masters are child rapists is to be expected by anyone with a level head. And it is not just Anglo-Saxon convention to rape children. The religion of Islam is largely dedicated to child rape, in the form of modern faithful wishing to emulate the patriarchs and prophet.

I really enjoy this podcast and hope to be able to listen to the second hour at some later time.

Please, do not take Andy’s timid speaking as an indication of his writing style. Andy Nowicki is among the very best authors of fiction or nonfiction alive today.

Under the God of Things

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Sam J.May 27, 2017 7:30 PM UTC

This is the best place to find info.

For a summery look on the right, scroll down to "For Newcomers" the link "Our executive summary of Pizzagate evidence" has a lot of stuff.

Other links show this goes on most everywhere in the West and is ubiquitous. The basic plan to rule us is.

1. Control all central banks which means control of the process of creating money. This means money can be created with your allies in the front of the row. Also means they control the mass of all production.

2. Bribery works with some for others or to move up to the higher levels you have blackmail. Expressly kiddie fucking.

3. Those don't work they kill you.


Now in Witchita kansas says Ted Gunderson

2.Uncle Jimmy took me to his sick parties: Nephew tells how his childhood was stolen at 13



FBI Investigates Presidio Child Molestation Report(This was called hysteria but some of the children had sexually transmitted diseases)

One of the men said to be involved by the children was a military intelligence officer.


"...Italian news reporters, who broadcast scenes from the films [child rape pedophile snuff] live at prime time on Italian television to more than 11 million Italian viewers...." gone



Victim Claims Sandusky Sex Scandal Connected to Philadelphia Pedophile Network _ American Free Press


The Franklin Scandal In-Depth Article - By: Nick Bryant



Pictures of Pres. Bush with homosexual prostitute. This guy got a White house pass to be a press corespondent.

10.I Was a Sex Slave to Europe's Elite at Age 6

11.Pizzagate Pedogate Dutch Whistleblower Real Big Money Revelations by an Insider
ShepMay 26, 2017 4:05 PM UTC