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'The Content of the Collective Unconscious'
Wolf Age - The Awakening of Wotan with Stephen McNallen on Red Ice TV

One is reminded of the standard depictions of “white Jesus” which are known by art historians to be based on the statue of Zeus at Olympia. The fact that Christianity came into Europe as a Hellenized movement [see Paul’s various letters, predominantly to Hellenes for an inkling of this] does mean that some sort of accommodation must be made between Christians of European descent and the neo-pagans if there is going to be any chance at unity in the face of that which wishes to eradicate both.

Reading Jung and Jospeh Campbell—who promotes Jung’s archetype reading of myth in a more universalist tone that focuses on habitat type as an archetype pool—will help the viewer with the nuts and bolts of McNallen’s view.

If this all seems strange, think of any time you have been backed against a wall—real or economic—and decided to fight back on impulse even though your rational, brain-washed, money-worshipping mind screamed not too—that is an aspect of the rising archetype.

This has been the theme of some of my fiction, including A Hoodrat Halloween, Skulker Jones, Poet, Ire and Ice, Reverent Chandler and Malediction Song.

Reverent Chandler: The Saga of Fend

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