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‘Kill Him!’
Running Off the Cable Guy
Oliver, owner operator of Oliver Home technologies, works with various cable providers doing installation, and sometimes the reverse.
Oliver, an easy-going, black man, was “out in the sticks, in this rural area, disconnecting this guy’s cable and he set his dog on me. It was a German Shepherd, but not full grown, had some puppy in him.
“He sets the dog loose and yells, ‘Kill him!' and the dog comes charging. The guy must have had a show he really wanted to watch.
“I stood up, but my hands up and out and it confused the dog. He reared up some, so I started talking to him, ‘Hey, buddy, how are you doing?’ And before you knew it he was licking my face and I was scratching him behind the ears and the owner was cussing at the dog.
“Some people should not own pets. But generally the pets appreciate a decent human when they run into them.”
Being a Bad Man in a Worse World
Fighting Smart: Boxing, Agonistics & Survival
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