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The Cable Guy
Dealing with Customer Criticism While Installing a Home Entertainment System
This dude hired me to do this big widescreen install today. So I’m working on it. This requires removing some dry wall. I’m not getting paid to do carpentry, I’m doing installation. I need to get this done, so instead of using a saw to breach the wall I’m knocking it out with a hammer. It’s going to look just fine when I’m done. They’d feel better if they didn’t watch.
The entire time his wife is on the couch crying, I mean bawling her eyes out, like someone just died.
Now, he’s streaming this on Facebook Live, showing all his friends what I’m doing—the best advertising you can get. Black people basically live on Facebook Live. I know the guy and he trusts me, so he keeps telling her, “Baby, it ‘ill be okay.”
Then she’d say, “We just bought the house! How can you let him knock holes in the wall,” and she’s bawling her eyes out.
Eventually she can’t stand it and runs upstairs crying and he says, “Man, I sure hope it comes out neat.”
I told him, “Don’t worry, man, I’ll trim this up, everything will be fine,” but couldn’t help myself, so the next hit of the hammer I went, “Oh, shit,” and he’s like, “Is it okay?”
I said, “I don’t think so. I’m afraid—I’m just messing with you man.”
So the whole install was streamed as a live advertisement to his friends, while his wife was crying upstairs.
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