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One-Handed Carjacking
A New Development in the Harm City Race War

This week I witnessed a new form of opportunistic Purge behavior. This is an adaptation of Dindu roulette, in which the oppressed youth of color dare motorists to strike them or stop as they jaywalk aggressively.

Previously largely a game of wills, this activity has evolved into a way of testing the waters for potential carjacking victims.

During the riots over the past three years in mid-sized cities like Baltimore, law enforcement has been siding with injured rioters and unlicensed protestors who are injured by contact with the cars of motorists who have refused to yield and be held prisoner. In the meantime damage to vehicles [in Baltimore] has only been prosecuted when rioters target police and fire equipment, not private vehicles.

The new development in Harm City is for two or more dindus to walk out parallel with traffic with one holding his hand like a crossing guard while the others flank the car as it slows.

If this happens to you, assume it is a carjacking and keep moving. Do not speed up, just move fast enough to get through and do not pull over until you are safely away from the carjackers. When safe, call 911 and tell them that you were the victim of a carjacking attempt, or not. It is your call.

These attempts at stopping motorists will escalate and result in robbery, rape, injury and death.

Don’t get carjacked and never, ever characterize such an attempt by a jaywalking pedestrian to halt you vehicle as anything other than a carjacking attempt, for that, if you comply with the aggressor’s demands, is what will happen. This is merely an adaptation of the typical aggressive criminal victim interview conducted in sign language.

Thriving in Bad Places

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