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Snitch Coon in a Conversion Van
Operational Magic Negro-White Devil Intelligence Sharing

Recently, when our Scapegoat head-of-state shared a bit of intelligence with a foreign ambassador to the effect that his national airline was being targeted by a mutual enemy, the world went insane. How dare one nation help out another nation with whom they are at peace with.

That fact, that this non-news news story gained such immediate currency with the American Sheeple is, in this writer's view, merely an expression of the preexisting situation in Liberal America, where people walk right by violent crimes in progress and do nothing to help the victim.

Today, after a night and day of work, and having barely missed the gym hours, Oliver and I decided to go out for a beer. First we stopped by my place so I could drop off the gear.

Little Kevin, a five foot tall, 110-pound man who works for my landlord, was cutting the lawn. We shook hands coming and going.

When I got in the car, Oliver immediately gave me this report:

"Wile you were inside, two black men and a female walked up this side of the street, heading towards Harford Road and stopped and checked out your friend. They were obviously sizing him up, but didn't do anything."

Where a white person would have reached within for his liberal indoctrination to excuse this behavior and blow it off, Oliver knew it was significant and let me know that three predators are hunting lone white people on my street.

This type of scouting usually does not result in immediate attack, but a planned ambush, or home invasion. If they had been of a mind to attack Little Kevin, Oliver's presence would have been, or was, a deterrent. The important thing is, that urban blacks are far more suspicious of blacks than whites are, have not let go of their savage consciousness and are far more effective scouts.

Every magic negro should have a white devil to advise him in civilized matters and any white devil worth the name should have a human familiar of African origin.

Waking Up in Indian Country: Harm City: 2015

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