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On Our Vast Sedation
Chemical Civil War by Baruch

Yesterday Baruch emailed me about his observations on our pervasive Western drug culture. Today he put a small survey of samples in the article linked below.

In the supermarket business, the largest night crew I worked on had 14 men. It was a million dollar week store at grand opening. The crew broke up into substance-based clicks.

I was among 3 light drinkers.

There was 1 sober man, 5 pot heads, 1 coke head, 2 crack heads, 1 pill popper and a recovering heroin addict. People claim pot is harmless, but 2 of our 5 pot heads had to get high almost constantly, barely able to make it through a shift. I found out that these were guys, Crying-Cussing [In one mode or the other all the time] Bobby being one, who were heavily dosed with ADHD drugs as kids.

Recently, in my interviews with Big Ron, he has been able to name only 1 man who he had grown up with who was not either a crack head or a junky.

I recall that my days in Trinity High School in the Class of 1981, that life was made simple for me by the fact that I was one of only 3 boys out of a class of perhaps 200 who did not get high! Girls did not date dudes who did not get high! So I fought football players and farm boys and otherwise played war games and role playing games with these two straight kids, Dale and Randy, who both turned out to be the most intelligent guys in school, other than Jonathan, the fourth guy, who did not get high, also a genius, who was run over and killed by a school bus while trying to board, loaded down with his books.

I see it as our greatest crime that we dope up our children, our single greatest method of erasing their identity and allowing the vile media culture to make of them a hideous photocopy of some degenerate ideal promoted by our child-molesting masters.

Under the God of Things

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PRMay 28, 2017 4:53 PM UTC

I was "Straight Edge" in high school through college. This made me an outcast as people who like to get high are like crabs in a big bucket trying to pull down any other crab who would like to escape. Of the few other people who didn't get high in my graduating class of about 300, all are successful.

I think parents actually like the thought of their kids getting high. "Well, at least JOhnny won't die in a car accident if he's on the couch getting high." You're right, Ma'am! Instead, he'll die of some blood-borne illness from a junkie needle or go through life as the living dead, unable to move out of your basement!