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Body Fluids and Parts, Everywhere
By Fred Beare

Have we got a show for you tonight on this cold wet night, at least in this shithole.

First, watch out for flying sperm; a Portland man, of the Hispanic frame of mind decided in his wisdom to fling semen at women in grocery stores:

I bet he went low tech and just used his hand after jacking off, instead of going to the next level and getting a battery powered spray gun, to put real pressure behind the ejaculate. Silly fellow.

Transsexuals are colorful and exciting and always doing interesting things. Like this one:

Ok, you have got the gist of the story. At least he did not go to the local grocery store, and fling his prize around.

It is enough to make you gallop against patriarchy:

Under the God of Things

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Sam J.May 29, 2017 2:29 AM UTC

After a not very lengthy period of thought I came upon the idea that the reason there's not as many Women statues is because they do silly things like pretend to be horses to protest not having statues of them they like. I'm not exactly sure why the thought did not occur to these Women.

This makes as much sense as this. "'Mirror box' artist who allowed complete strangers to fondle her genitals and breasts in Trafalgar Square arrested". She's of course...protesting rape.