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Granddaddy Got His Club
Patriarchy is Hanging on in One Tiny Corner of the House

Almost two years ago a mob of black silverback breeders, black female youth and male breeding drones stormed a house in Baynesville, Baltimore County in order to attack a young girl who had been pulled out of school be her other for being beaten for the crime of being light skinned and attractive.

Her house was located on social media.

Her parents at work, and with the cops ten plus minutes away, the girl’s two grandfathers defended against this mob on the porch. One man had his hip broken. Some of the attackers got past the men and harmed the daughter.

The cops came and one officer was downed on the sidewalk.

The attack was not totally repelled but only a few beasties got their hands on the granddaughter instead of the entire tribe of over a dozen, thanks to the two grandfathers.

I do not know these folks by sight, but I believe I saw one of the grandfathers standing grimly by as young school children filed down the street his family lives on. He is in his late sixties and thickly built with big hands. He carried an old fashioned souvenir bat. This was not one of those narrow necked bats for children to collect at the ballpark, but a thick, club with the center of balance in the middle and imprinted with an oblong carving.

Until what granddaddy was doing becomes normal and he gets company, and you have a gang of granddaddies with bats, the current tyranny will continue to bloom.

Yes, the white rabbits in the Alt Right readership will say that these people should just move to safer ground. I want to hear those awakened liberals say that when hoodrats get bussed in by the State, in their criminal hundreds, into their neighborhood, where the housing prices have just suddenly plummeted for the very reason they want to sell…and so it will go, the white rabbits with more green leaving the white rabbits with less green behind in the never ending search for fresh clover… where no cats stalk, where no dogs get loose in the wood…

Waking Up in Indian Country: Harm City: 2015

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BobMay 29, 2017 3:51 AM GMT+4

Right, an aggressor can run forward faster than you can run backwards. There has to be a line beyond which retreat represents both personal and demographic defeat.
Sam J.May 29, 2017 2:39 AM GMT+4

"...the white rabbits in the Alt Right readership will say that these people should just move to safer ground..."

At the rate we're importing people there will be no where to go to soon that won't be a waste land.

I used to argue with this guy from the North that proclaimed loudly how he wouldn't live near Black people, he would just move away. He has no answer for when they become the majority. How will he afford to move every 5 or 10 years/ When he gets old he won't have the revenue to do so.

I at one time told James he should move. I see the error of my ways now. James is right and there's no running away. The numbers are to daunting.
LaManoMay 28, 2017 1:19 PM GMT+4

I'm a grandfather with three adorable little granddaughters.

In Tolkien's "Return of the King", Theoden, when being warned of the danger of facing Saruman in Orthanc, gives us "Old Man Rule" number 4.

"I am old, and fear no peril any more".

If anyone ever were to present any sort of threat, real or implied, to those girls, I will jump in front of their very capable father, and I will beat, kill, shoot or destroy the threat and take the consequences myself .... That's what grandfathers are FOR in this uncertain world ....

If men were still men in this world, instead of ball-less whiners, the 40 grandfathers of the 20 girls killed by the Manchester bomber would have killed 10 times their weight in ragheads by now ...