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She's Cute, But is She an Amerindian?

"Aviator Brooke Robertson is a program mentor... Robertson is Oji-Cree from northern Manitoba and graduated from the program in 2014. She now works as an aviator at 14 Wing Greenwood."

One of the many proofs that Indians were white in Plantation Times is the fact that so many modern Indians in the U.S. and Canada are indistinguishable in appearance from the average European mutt American. Look at the picture of cute little Brooke, with her not very Indian name and compare her to a current Mexican of the working class at your local diner and you will find yourself comparing a European with an Indian.

People of today might claim that the interbreeding between whites and Indians is recent, yet historical evidence points to 200 years of whites in Canada predominately taking Indian wives, not white wives. Officially, English-Indian intermarriage began in 1610 in Virginia, although English sailors had been running away to live with the Indians as early as 1566!

This points to another reason why white Indians would be even more probable in Plantation times than they are today. For a white person of today, not born into a tribe recognized by the U.S. or Canadian governments, to be classified as an Indiana and receive the benefits and rights due Indians of that tribe, one must be able to prove their genetic ancestry. There was no such test in 1611 or even 1814. Whites were adopted into Indian tribes constantly as well as being born to Indian warriors of the womb of a captive white woman.

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Sam J.May 31, 2017 5:20 AM UTC

When I was in the service there was a soldier that was part Indian that got a full scholarship to Purdue. He said it was because he was an Indian he got the scholarship. He was smart so it wasn't just him being Indian. I never heard anyone fault him for having the government pay for it. I certainly didn't as we took their country. Least we can do is send some of their kids to school. Anyways you would never in a million years believe he was an Indian. He had bright flaming red hair. Not reddish, I mean red. As white as the most Celtic person you could ever imagine in your life but he was an Indian and apparently could prove it with Indian affairs or something like that. He was going to take physics.