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'A Rational Choice Based on a Broken Culture''
The Death of Western Culture with Roosh V

I have no idea who Roosh is, though he reveals himself as the son of a highly educated Iranian immigrant, in other words, an Indo-European or Aryan. He lays out a very good case for cultural sterility, leading to biological sterility, across a seven step staircase to hell on earth. His definition of science as a persuasion tactic rather than an investigated tool, in support of a shadowed corporate religion, is effective.

His view on the toxicity of Jewish influence in Western Society is nicely balanced and in perspective. Rather than insisting that every bad thing in society was micro-managed into existence by every Jew working in concert, he places the blame on secularized Jews. His view of mass migration is exceptionally well expressed.

From dating, to other aspects of dysgenics, I quite enjoyed this podcast.

I think Roosh has laid out the best case for cultural collapse to date. He does not say it, but what I take from his case, if you buy it, is that the only hope for a healthy Western culture will be the fragmentation of America. For, as he said, the coastal cities in the U.S. are a lost cause.

He is essentially making the case Evola made in Men Among the Ruins, that resurrection is not an option, that there has to be a new beginning.

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Sam J.May 31, 2017 6:43 AM UTC

"...insisting that every bad thing in society was micro-managed into existence by every Jew working in concert, he places the blame on secularized Jews..."

They don't have to micro-manage every bad thing in society. They find the micro-fault bad things in society and throw money and people at it to amplify it. This is not far fetched. All of you have readily seen how a group of Men in reasonably good mood can be drawn down by one bitchy Male with persistence. They throw money at Feminist, civil rights movements, etc., etc. Anything to cause demoralization of the society.

Let's look at a specific example, terror attacks. Anyone who believes 9-11 was done by a bunch of Arabs that could hardly fly planes is silly. The main evidence against it being Arabs is building #7 that fell the same speed as a rock dropped in air. There's only two variables in something falling. The force of gravity and the resistance to whatever is falling. That's it, nothing else. So if the rock fell in air and the building fell the EXACT same speed, and it did, then that means the building was held up by air. Well we all know the damn building wasn't floating in the air. That leaves only demo. The building was demoed out from under it. Look at the long ranging consequences of the Jews doing this one act. Huge. So the idea that they must control everything is false.

Secular Jews, religious Jews. All the same. The religious Jews believe everything we own is theirs and we should be their slaves. Hardly of any use to us not Jewish.