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Zuck Sucks
By American Psycho

Zucker has been at it again, proclaiming the immigration, anti-nationalist philosophy of the global elite:

The fight against nationalism “is the struggle of our time.” Bullshit – exactly the opposite is true.

No Zucky baby, your globalist friends are not the good guys fighting for freedom. It is your elite friends who represent authoritarianism against the will of ordinary people who have had their lives crushed by globalism, reduced to unemployment and poverty. Open borders immigration has not only led to White genocide, but has in the US made life much worse for poor Blacks who find themselves displaced by migrants in the lower labor market:

You may wear a grey t-shirt and a hoodie, but you are not one of us, Zuck. In fact, you suck, along with a whole heap of other words rhyming with “uck.” Don’t bother kicking me off Facebook; I am starting my own social media called ASS BOOK. Instead of “likes” we will have “licks” and “sucks” for thumbs down.

Under the God of Things

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