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Bulldoze the Universities
By Professor X

I don’t have high ambitions, or take risks, but I bet that I am irritating you with the little pieces of shit from the university scene that get flicked in our eyes.

Some small pieces of excreta that are soft and mostly liquid don’t hurt too much, and are removed by rigorous eye washing and blinking. Like the story of the academic at the University of Arizona who identifies as a hippopotamus:

Big deal; there are plenty of baby boomer feminists around that really are hippopotamuses. Anyway, I choose to identify as an AR 15 semi-auto rifle.

Then, there are really hard pieces of shit that hit your eye like a fist size rock and knock it out of its socket:

Once professors (even former professors) of philosophy bashed people’s brains with mind numbing bullshit (how do you know that the external world really exists), but now at the appropriately named Diablo Valley College, they just use bike locks to crush Trump supporter’s skulls:

I like the comment made here that the antifa are so filthy that you can almost smell them through the screen. Indeed, there is a great danger of contracting diseases and infections even being near these people. Any people with sense would be wearing heaps of protective gear, especially head and eye protection.

That is on the street; on campuses students in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences across the West are force-fed courses such as “The Abolition of Whiteness,” and in each region specific white guilt strategies are implemented. Toxic racial poisons are sprayed over white students in a program of joyful genocide with the force of sewer pumps. The Natural News article cited above has heaps more of this poison if you want to torture yourself more.

Thus, once more I am led to the conclusion that the universities as they exist need to be shut down. The Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences are disaster areas that serve only to spread toxic waste through society, feeding the sorts of abominations that we have seen in the clips. Stop feeding the monsters with taxpayer’s money – your money – and we are moving to a solution. Have special training centers for professions, such as medical training in hospitals and engineering in engineering schools. We simply don’t need universities, which are little more than us funding our own graves.

Under the God of Things

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