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‘The Future of the Race’
A Eugenics Advertisement from 1919, from The Art of In-Fighting by Frank Klaus

What eugenics has become in our postmodern consciousness is an obsession with breeding superior people, with most interpretations focused on the killing of blacks and Jews. This view is pure propaganda. There was a bizarre belief in willful blood memory, placing humans as replicating ciphers. But there was also a more organic, natural attachment to the ideal of man and woman as font and vessel for family, tribe and race, which is to say a very ancient understanding that what we are made of matters at least as much as what we hope to be. The phenomena of the hero is born and propelled by that dichotomy. As we sit here at the end of masculine time, consider, that 98 years ago our plight was predicted in the following ad in the back of a boxing book.

Sex Knowledge Series

By A. A. Phillip, M.B., C.M (Late Medical Officer of Public Health, Norther [1] Division, Scotland.)

And H. R. Murray.



Every doctor, every minister is aware of the serious danger resulting from ignorance of sex questions. Yet public opinion prevents them and parents also, from giving advice which would enable hundreds of thousands of young men and women to avoid untold suffering and unhappiness.

“The mystery and humbug in which physical facts are enveloped ought to be swept away, and young men be given some pride in the creative powers with which each one is endowed… the future of the race is in their hands.”


Sexual Science.

Knowledge a Young Husband Should Have.

Knowledge a Young Wife Should Have.

Knowledge a Young Man Should Have.

Knowledge a Young Woman Should Have.

Recommended by Doctors, Ministers and Public Men.


1. This was not a typo. The ad says Norther, not Northern

2. At this very time, the world of high society was scandalized that the preeminent genius of the age, Tesla, was not interested in reproducing. It was considered a tragedy that he remained a bachelor.

3. The inclusion of Public Men with ministers and doctors marks this as a clutch point in our social devolution. These men were athletes, leaders and other successful icons of masculine expression, who were expected to have families and were—while sometimes celebrities—in many ways the opposite of the celebrity in terms of social context, not a proxy focus for the diversion of a neutered man, but an example to be emulated.

Contrast this advertisement and the opinion on Tesla as tragically sterile, cracked-up racial apostate, with the reality that numerous advocates for masculinity and racial awareness among American whites today are entirely childless, with no intention of having children and one sees that we are in the final verse of the race song—in less than 100 years, having fallen as far as a man can fall in relation to his ancestors.

Thanks to Big Ron for the loan of this book.

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