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'Early Indian Wars'
Podcasts on American Horror on the Frontier and in the Wilderness


I think you might enjoy the following podcast:

The first hour or so is all about the early Indian Wars, and how they basically guaranteed that all the girls that fled to salem would have ptsd. They miss the mark on slavery when they mention indentured servants, but I only know that from reading your work.

This one: is about strange disappearances in wilderness areas that remain unsolved, or with the missing person showing up 30 miles away across a canyon or river. It made me think of the cosmic horror themes in Conan stories and in your fiction. The books they reference, btw, go for around $75 on amazon or ebay.


J, I'm thrilled to get these links and will employ them as backstory for my North American horror novellas Wendego, Kettle of Bones and Bad Medicine.


When You're Food: Raw:

A Fighter’s View of Predatory Aggression: The Forever Autumn Press Edition

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Sam J.May 31, 2017 6:00 AM UTC

Missing 411 is interesting. I've heard several interviews by him. Some people say that it's Bigfoot's that are taking these people. I read an interview by a guy who said he went into the woods near the Cumberland Trail(I think or one of the smokey mountain trails) who was in the woods and saw a Bigfoot that was hiding from him. He heard something behind him and turned around quickly and he said two Bigfoots were sneaking up on him,. He had one of those big mag-lights and he brought it up rapidly so they could see it and when he did they veered off from him and ran away.

I have no idea if Bigfoots are real or not. I could readily see that they could be. Indians have talked for a long time about huge animals like Bigfoot that used to capture their children and eat them. When the White Man came with guns any Bigfoots left would rapidly know to hide lest they be exterminated. Where I live there's been a several sightings near. There's a old logging road back behind my property in the woods across a stream. It's has numerous trees broken down in a X pattern across the logging road. I read, after I had gone hiking there, that Bigfoots do this to hinder people coming around. Yikes! Now I don't live in the sticks but I could readily see them making their way up this rough steep hilly area up the creek to the other area where the sighting was. The other end of the creek is a large river where there have been other sightings. Are they real? I haven't a clue but you don't see deer all the time and they are dumb as rocks and everywhere. An animal that kept still and hid could find a great deal of places to go. They supposedly eat deer and there's lots of them.
JRMay 30, 2017 11:11 AM UTC

just fyi for anyone, David Paulides, the author of Missing 411 non-fiction series sells his books here for $24.99, along with other merchandise. Resellers are the ones jacking up the price on Amazon, since Paulides doesn't sell there (as he's talked about in his interviews on Coast to Coast.)