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Why I Am Not A White Nationalist
by Jack Donovan

I am not a White Nationalist.

I’m just not a spineless cuck who pisses his pants every time someone calls him a racist on Facebook. And I don't let people who I have no respect for tell me who I'm allowed to support or call a friend.

Six years ago, before I ever spoke at an “Alt-Right” event or submitted an article to Alternative Right or Radix or Counter Currents, I wrote an essay titled, “Mighty White.” I stand by it to this day, and my views have changed very little over the years.

In fact, there’s very little new to say, except that, if anything, I’ve learned to hate white people and White Nationalists more than any of their opponents. Not because they are evil monsters, but because they generally suck. I hate white people and White Nationalists because they are weak, broken, phenomenally autistic, or all three. I am now, more than ever, clearly still not a White Supremacist.

Under the God of Things

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BobJune 3, 2017 4:03 AM UTC

Homosexuals in non-white societies are at much greater risk of violence. This was so even in the past when homophobia was indeed widespread and sodomy a criminal offense in Western nations.

Obviously, a group with no genetic stake in the future will tend to advocate for immediate personal gratification. Party hard for tomorrow we die!
BobJune 3, 2017 3:39 AM UTC

The writer fails to acknowledge that most whites are beholden to a system hostile to their ethnic interests. A system run by hostile Jews and a venal, indifferent, white élite. Hating whites without understanding the forces that condition their behaviour is to miss the big picture.
Sam J.May 31, 2017 9:15 PM UTC

"...I’m not a White Nationalist because I don’t think people are worth saving just because they’re white.

Okay, you’re white. Great. Most white people suck. What else have you got?..."

I hate to break it to you but most people all over the planet suck. Whites don't have any monoply on suckiness. So if your not the greatest people ever on the planet then you you must die out???? What stupidity. I'm a WN because I want to my people not to disappear. Notice Blacks don't think they're supreme being but they look after each other "as a group" better than Whites. Jews most certainly do in the extreme. I notice all these groups gain power while Whites lose. Could this be a pattern? This guy is silly, isn't he a homosexual? Why do we need homosexuals to tell us anything? Taking advice about the running of society from a homosexual seems bent if you ask me. He first of all has some sort of gender confusion and second he doesn't have a long term stake in society. It's all posture, posture, posture. He wants to be around "real Men", move to Columbia. Those guys are killing the shit out of each other. El Salvador too. So don't stay here in the "sucky" US, be a real Man and move were the action is.

A large part of WN is not marching around in uniforms it's just sticking up for your group first. No matter that they're not masters of the universe. So what. White people need a place to live just like everyone else.
IshmaelMay 31, 2017 1:10 PM UTC

Terrified to lose status or money, because of societal ridicule, which I agree, if single and untehered this thinking works, if you try this as a sole provider for you family, well, good luck! Jack Donavan speaks the truth here methinks, hard to turn and fight when your family is at stake, you know, women, children, I can live in poverty, for my beliefs, can't ask my family to do so.