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Milwaukee Comming on Strong!
Jeremy Bentham, Keeping Informed on Urban League Murder Bowl Prospects from the Wilds of Alaska

Murderbowl update.

Down two homicides from last year this date. Not a clear contender for the Murderbowl championship cup, nevertheless Milwaukee works hard to keeps its place among the top murder cities in the country.

“MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett shared frustration on Monday, May 29th over the amount of gun violence that has been taking place in the city throughout the Memorial Day holiday weekend. The numbers compiled by the Milwaukee Police Department indicate four people have been killed and 15 people have been wounded by gun violence in 15 separate incidents since early Saturday morning, May 27th. Milwaukee police say of the 15 shooting incidents, four were robbery related, eight resulted from an argument or fight, and three were unknown circumstances.”

“The violence has brought the city’s homicide total for 2017 to 40. Mayor Barrett said that means 10 percent of the murders in Milwaukee occurred within 48 hours this holiday weekend.”

“Far too much!” 4 dead, 15 wounded by gun violence since early Saturday morning

Murderbowl Update.

Chiraq hoodrats appear to be fading. Could the extra 1300 policemen sent out on street patrol have put a damper on holiday weekend festivities? Will the Chi-town gangbangers surge over the Fourth? Or will steady state operations be enough to push the ‘City With Big Shoulders’ over the finish line by year’s end yet again?

Jan. 1, 2017 - May 2, 2017: 947 shooting victims

Jan. 1, 2016 - Dec. 31, 2016: 4,368 shooting victims

May to Date

Shot & Killed: 48

Shot & Wounded: 256

Total Shot: 304

Total Homicides: 52

2017 Stats Shortlink

Week in Progress (5/28 – 6/3)

Shot & Killed: 6

Shot & Wounded: 36

Total Shot: 42

Total Homicides: 6

2017 Stats Shortlink

Year to Date

Shot & Killed: 231

Shot & Wounded: 1124

Total Shot: 1355

Total Homicides: 245

Memorial Day weekend violence down in Chicago compared to last year

Chicago police to add 1300 officers to Memorial Day Weekend Patrols

Chicago Sun-Times - Shooting Tracker

Chicago Tribune - Shooting Tracker Hey Jackass - Chicago Shooting Stats

Murderbowl Update.

It sucked to be him.

Blind, disabled and caught in the crossfire: 'He didn't know to duck'

Life in Dindustan Update.

Man, 30, is charged with murder of Chicago actress and mother-of-two, 51, after he 'stole rings from her home and slit her throat'

· Dominic Sanders is charged with first degree murder in the death of actress and activist Andrea Urban, 51

· Police say Sanders entered her home in the morning, slit her throat, and stole jewelry

· He was seen on surveillance video pawning some of her rings two hours after her murder

No Bail for Man Charged with Murder of Hinsdale Woman

Man held without bond in Hinsdale homicide of 51-year-old Andrea Urban

Urban Beach Week at Miami Beach, Florida.

Brooklyn teen arrested in Ocean Drive parking space argument that left two people dead

Dindus are closing the gap in mad spree killings.

“BROOKHAVEN, Mississippi — A man who got into an argument with his estranged wife over their children was arrested Sunday, May 28th in a house-to-house shooting rampage in rural Mississippi that left eight people dead, including his mother-in-law and a sheriff’s deputy. “I ain’t fit to live, not after what I done,” a handcuffed Willie Corey Godbolt, 35, told The Clarion-Ledger.”

“I ain’t fit to live:” Deputy, 7 others killed in Mississippi shootings; suspect in custody

Bitches be Crazy and Murderbowl Update.

“Four people were killed and 15 others injured in shootings in Milwaukee since Saturday, May 27th, and 24-year-old Teresa Wade was one of those who lost her life during the Memorial Day holiday weekend—one that marks the unofficial start to summer. She was killed Sunday, May 28th in a gas station parking lot, and on Memorial Day, friends and family members gathered to remember her. Friends said Wade was killed when she got into a fight with another woman regarding the father of Wade's baby.”

"…Teresa was not a fighter. She loved people. She'd give you the clothes off her back," Ranita Wicker, Wade's close friend said. The altercation was captured by surveillance cameras at the gas station. She got killed in cold blood. Murdered. Because she was in love with her baby's father. Now her baby is five months and now he don't have a mother. I miss my friend. She was a funny, goofy person—very outgoing," Wicker said."

“Killed in cold blood:” Friends say gas station murder followed fight over man

Sheriff's Office investigates fatal shooting in Aberdeen

The Most Dangerous City in Every State

Interesting. No surprises in Maryland. On the Left Coast, Stockton, California is punching above its weight class. Oh well, Victor Davis Hanson has written at length about how the Stockton area has gone all Anarcho-Tyranny in the past decade. In the Mid-West, I knew Rockford, IL was a contender, but didn’t know it took the state title this year.

Thriving in Bad Places

When You're Food: Raw:

A Fighter’s View of Predatory Aggression: The Forever Autumn Press Edition

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