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Deploying the Umbrella as Bayonet
A Man Question from Jase

James, In a recent post you described passing your umbrella from the left hand to the right to fight off a pit bull Shitty Serendipity. Please explain the method.

Much Appreciated.


Jase, when I carry a heavy umbrella it is held point forward at the balance point, so it is ready for a one-handed thrust.

Against as possible armed attacker I keep it in the left to thrust at the face while I draw my blade with the right.

In less serious situations or against a dog coming up beneath me or against a group seeking to close, I use it as a bayoneted rifle.

One-Handed Carry to Bayonet Guard

1. Carry it point forward at the balance point in the left hand.

2. Pull back with the thumb-side of the hand, bringing the point from parallel to vertical.

3. Supinate the hand, turning the heel inward so the palm begins to face up. This will cause the butt to swing in front of your hips.

4. As the butt swings around grab the handle with the right hand as you draw your right leg back [against a mob or dog] as you step around with the right leg or pivot with the left to meet the attack.

5. If the aggressor is a knife-armed man or has a hidden hand, when you step back with the right leg, do a weak pivot on that foot as you swing your left leg and heart behind your lead side, thrusting with the umbrella like an asagi [short Zulu lance] while keeping the left hand back to cover the heart with the elbow and the neck with the hand, and ready to check the enemy's right hand.

How I used this against the pit bull is covered in the article linked in Jase's question above.

Thriving in Bad Places

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Ruben ChandlerJune 22, 2017 1:29 AM GMT+4

tits, man. i get it