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25, 26, 27 May 44
From The Diary Of Koyama Kiwiwojo

25 May 44

The enemy bombing is continuous as before, only the time schedule has been moved up.

The planes came at 0740 hours.

This morning we suffered many casualties.

26 May 44

Ten enemy planes came over at 1000 hours.

We fired about 40 [44 MM] rounds. That made about 2001 [rounds] left, all told.

They said that about half the enemy task force has been destroyed. Confirmation is lacking.

27 May 44

Ah, what a day today.

At 0530 hours 8 cruisers [?] destroyers and 2 submarines opened a broadside.

The enemy landed in landing force at Bosnek [1] and Parai. [2]

We took up positions at night.

The army [3] launched a night attack, but very little was accomplished because of enemy naval bombardment.


1. 27 Biak Island landing (vicinity of Bosnek) by 41st Inf Div (-163rd RCT).

2. Map and photos sourced at:

3. The author was a naval officer, manning gun emplacements.

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