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2,3,5 June 44
From The Diary Of Koyama Kiwiwojo

2 June 44

Our planes came sporadically to bomb enemy positions.

Maybe due to this, enemy air bombing and naval bombardment has been greatly reduced.

3 June 44

It is said that two battalions of army reinforcements will arrive from Manckawki early in the morning.

The enemy seems to have landed at Owi Island and is constructing an air strip.

There is no entry for 4 June.

5 June 44

While I was on guard last night I saw 11 enemy destroyers, 2 cruisers and 3 submarines pass under my eyes.

It was not a pleasant feeling.

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Sam J.June 3, 2017 2:38 AM UTC

Don't you know it would really suck to see most of your planes gone and then tons and tons of American equipment and ships coming up. All the Bushido in the world won't beat a flamethrower, lots of pissed off Marines and aerial bombardment.