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‘A Stitch Up’
Grace & Steel Ep. 82 - Rivers of Blood

Kevin and Kevin discuss the sham that is democracy.

‘To provide against preventable evils,”is, according to Kevin Michael Grace, the duty of a statesman. Grace seems to have a much more astute understanding of politics than anyone else on the Right. I’ll be using these podcast dialogues as a primer for viewing that segment of human interaction I have always averted my eyes from for the very reason that I could never—even as a child—understand how adults could place absolute trust in the winners of a popularity contest. For even in grade school, one learns that the most popular people are least to be trusted.

GDP as the "savage God," is a concept put forth here by Grace seems to be the exact concept that ahs been central to my concept of The God of Things, which was taken from my readings of Ohiyesa and Beowulf.

I really like the inclusion of pop culture trivia of the period under question to help paint a contextual picture. These men are a good team.

Under the God of Things

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