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‘What They Tell Us’
And ‘Low Quality, Low IQ Sluts’ Varg on Veiled Lies, False Impressions and Slut Society

Varg has his finger on the current human dissipation in an oddly informative way. Time in prison and his post prison seclusion have given him a view of the world that is not our own and more valuable for its divergence.

I do agree on abortion as a eugenic process that benefits all, by not bringing into this world unwanted children to murder us in our old age. Feminism is, of course, the best way to keep high quality people from reproducing. I don't agree on Varg's point on Christianity as a religion of idiots. However, according to a close reading of early American history, it was clearly—and admittedly—the Christian strategy to produce as many blacks and whites as possible in order to have the manpower to clear the evil forests that supported the superior war fighters of the native population, who—like German industry in WWII—made the mistake of breeding for quality against quantity and were attritted into oblivion.

Happily Ever Under: The History of the Sexes According to Jack and Jill

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