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‘That Castle in the Sky’
Paul Waggener on Operation Werewolf Paths to Success

I am reminded of the Stephan Michael Sechi fantasy role playing Book Talislanta, in which there is a race of genetically identical clones who rebel against their sorceress origin, by tattooing themselves and forging an identity.

There is another parallel in the black concept of the government name and the street name. Paul Waggener is a very branded individual. Look at his skin and attire. On one level he is self-created and on another he is an advertisor in the same. The media he speaks of is Greek to me, but he addresses it as one who knows. He seems to be the right man to speak to the electronically shackled generation of human chattel.

Despite Paul’s low diction and material reference he is working on connecting to shackled meat from a perspective very close to Oswald Spengler’s transcendental scholarship. The value in Paul’s approach, should you have reservations about his branding approach to life, is that he’s speaking of using material means to achieve transcendental goals, as expressed in the current language of self-obsession, without being eaten by the side-show of self-devouring guilt.

In the second video, the positive/negative confrontation discussion is a very nice turn into aggression, how it splits and how it shapes you. If I could buy Paul’s neck at the surplus homo sapien store I would—what a brain root.

In the third video Paul actually goes beyond Jack Donovan’s gang model in suggesting that you must be able to cut it alone before you are worthy of intensive group inclusions, which is a very Amerindian view of masculinity and invokes the vision quest.

Being a Bad Man in a Worse World

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