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Donovan on White Nationalism
A Friendly Critique By American Psycho

James recently published an extract from Jack Donovan’s latest essay at his site, “Why I am Not A White nationalist,” at

Donovan (himself a homosexual) has done a wide range of work, from arguing that homosexuals should eschew gay culture and rejoin manhood (Androphilia):, to three important books on the restoration of the classic ideal of manhood defined in terms of man the warrior and the creation of the neo-barbarian:;;

Leaving aside the homosexuality issue, there is much in these works consistent with the general philosophies of people at this site, and I know that most of the Australian contributors rate Jack second only to James as a writer. Homosexual he may be, but he rejects gay culture as effeminate and recognises that heterosexual men as a tribal gang would naturally be homophobic as a group survival strategy. This is one aspect of his work that would be contentious for readers at this site, as Sam J has indicated in his comments. Donovan’s rejection of the status quo isms of the age, such as feminism, multiculturalism and globalism, and defense of particularism in Becoming a Barbarian should, however, resonate with our community.

Most of us would be seen as “white nationalists” in the broad way our enemies from the Left define it. In an earlier paper, “Mighty White,”, he made a lot of sense:

“I am not a white supremacist.

"I don’t feel the need to try to prove that my team is objectively better in every way than every other team. Sure, there are probably some bell-curve type differences between the major races. I am also sure I can find a person of just about any race who is better than me at just about anything. Whether white people are superior or not isn’t the point.

"The point is that white people are my people. We’re an ethnic and racial group with a common heritage. Because stereotypes aren’t going away, because humans are tribal, and because we’re a group that is well on its way to becoming just another minority, we have every right to organize as a group and take care of our own. I’m pro-white because I am pro-me. I’m pro-my family. I’m in favor of remembering my ancestors in a positive light. I support the preservation of my people’s history and culture, and I resist the revisionism of groups who wish to skew history to favor the interests of others. I know that the accomplishments of great white men are not my personal achievements, and I know I can’t trade on them as if they entitle me to special treatment, but these things are just as important to my identity as the histories of other people are to their identities.

"I believe that people should form groups that suit them and exclude others if they believe it is in their benefit to do so. On that note, I can tell you that not all of the Mighty Whites want me around. Every so often, some hysterical prig sallies forth from his Arthurian fap den to proclaim me a he-man woman hater, a Satanist, a sodomite, and a threat to the cause. I’m flattered that they think I’m a big enough deal to sink their battleship, but if that’s the case, they are already well and truly fucked. I am pro-white and I support WNs because I’m white and because I think they are right about a lot of things—not because I expect them all to send me love letters. That said, most of the WNs and pro-whites I’ve dealt with have been decent, straightforward, polite and helpful.”

That seems to me to be reasonable comment. But, contrast that with Donovan’s latest argument about why he is not a white nationalist, which for the sake of fairness I will quote from rather than paraphrase:

“I am not a White Nationalist.

"I’m just not a spineless cuck who pisses his pants every time someone calls him a racist on Facebook. And I don’t let people who I have no respect for tell me who I’m allowed to support or call a friend.

"Six years ago, before I ever spoke at an “Alt-Right” event or submitted an article to Alternative Right or Radix or Counter Currents, I wrote an essay titled, “Mighty White.” I stand by it to this day, and my views have changed very little over the years.

"In fact, there’s very little new to say, except that, if anything, I’ve learned to hate white people and White Nationalists more than any of their opponents. Not because they are evil monsters, but because they generally suck. I hate white people and White Nationalists because they are weak, broken, phenomenally autistic, or all three. I am now, more than ever, clearly still not a White Supremacist.”

The argument, is that he still holds to his previous position, as expressed in his essay, “Mighty White,” but now he hates white people, and white nationalist because they “suck,” primarily being spineless weak cucks. Well, on this point as Sam said, the entire human race goes down because as another white nationalist has argued recently at his post, even the ethnic elites are becoming weaker. Whites have no monopoly on suckiness, and if anything, white nationalists are the small set of whites who are not sucking. Donovan even lists white nationalists that he thinks don’t suck, like Dick Spencer. So, he is strictly inconsistent, because across the globe there are a lot of people just like him and even stronger. Sure, there are a lot of losers and crazies associated with the white nationalist movement, but there are also the same problems in our opposition, with the Left having their internal problems and cranks as well.

Race, he says, is not sufficient to unite a people. Yes, but who said it was? White nationalists also appeal to common heritage aspects that are associated with race, the qualities of the racial soul, if you like. Donovan cynically says that a white ethnostate would fragment because of internal disunity – for example, there would be differences between pagans and Christians. However, these differences are relatively minor compared to the crippling differences which we must live under today, and a racially homogeneous society has a better chance of coming to some sort of compromise in living than one further divided along racial lines. There is no reason why Donovan’s decentralized tribalism could not be put into place in such a society. Everyone knows that he has no hope of living in peace in his own Odinist tribal community which he seems to have started:, because, unless the major problems white nationalists are concerned with solving are dealt with, his community as well, however well-armed, faces The Camp of the Saints demographic swamping:;

The guts of Donovan’s criticism is that the majority of white American men are cowards, afraid of the social ostracism that would come from taking a stand. On this Donovan is surely right, and we have all seen physically strong men piss down their legs at threats involving exposure as being a “racist,” or even saying the odd slur, even in jest, or under stress. As he admits, these cucks are not white nationalists, and in fact, exactly the opposite, being the classic example of T. S. Eliot’s “The Hollow Men,” (1925):

We are the hollow men

We are the stuffed men

Leaning together

Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!

Our dried voices, when

We whisper together

Are quiet and meaningless

As wind in dry grass

Or rats' feet over broken glass

In our dry cellar

Shape without form, shade without colour,

Paralysed force, gesture without motion;

Those who have crossed

With direct eyes, to death's other Kingdom

Remember us—if at all—not as lost

Violent souls, but only

As the hollow men

The stuffed men.

These “hollow men,” the majority of society, include I believe most people from most ethno-racial groups, who worship material gain over all other values. Perhaps whites are the most degenerate in terms of this “selling out” and failure to live up to noble ideals of the past, let alone equal the courage of soldiers in World War II, or the men of the Battle of Thermopylae, where under King Leonidas, 300 Spartans, 700 Thespiaans and 400 Thebans, held off the Persian army of King Xerxes of 2,124,00 men (Herodotus’ estimate; modern estimate, about 300,000) for two days until after a betrayal, they were wiped out. But, we know this, and much of the work at this site is about our tribe continuing to foster these heroic values.

White nationalists are not saying that all of the trash whites should be saved merely because they are white. Their goal is to fight for the “essense” and historical ideals represented by the best of their race, so that from their seed, something new and noble can be reborn:

Yes, “most white people suck," but so fucking what? The point is not just to lament about this, but to change it.

Donovan says that he is a wolf of Vinland tribalist, which is fine. But, he should be aware that his tribe, like all others built on similar principles, is set to be crushed by the globalist forces that are sweeping towards us at crushing speed, like a tsunami. In this respect, Roosh V, who most of us would not even view as “white,” has supplied much more important analyses of our plight that Donovan’s latest essay:;;

In summary, I am disappointed in Donovan’s latest essay, which seems to be a blotch on his otherwise admirable copybook.

The Way of Men Paperback – April 10, 2012 by Jack Donovan

Under the God of Things

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BobJune 8, 2017 2:10 AM UTC

To a large extent, Jews are going to solve the Jewish Question themselves. I mean it's the Orthodox Jews who will increasingly going to represent the Tribe (look at those birthrates), and they are patently not us! Crypsis, a significant source of Jews' real power, will continue but will probably wane. The future belongs to the black hats. If that doesn't wake up whitey and spur him to self-preservation, nothing will.
Sam J.June 4, 2017 3:03 PM UTC

"...I am not a white supremacist..."

"... I am pro-white and I support WNs because I’m white..."

I agree profoundly with these two statements. I don't agree with him attacking all Whites as pussies. I think there's a glitch in Whites make up that we tend to not act if something is not seen as "right" or socially approved. It's not like many other races don't have the same glitch, many even worse. We are slowly changing this. Societies looking the other way about Jews and minorities behavior. People are fed up with everyone blaming Whites while acting like a pack of wild animals themselves.

WN as a rule tend to be annoying people because they go against this grain in the first place, therefore they can grate on the nerves when they decide that "something is not as it should be". I support all of them. The Nazis, the Queers, the alt-Right, Republicans, the Alt-Lite, even Libertarians(gag) and whoever as long as they support Whites and even better are against the Jews especially. I don't believe we will be safe unless the Jews are dealt with somehow. Restrictions, death or deportation. I see deportation as the best solution. Over thousands of years no one has been able to live with these assholes. They've been thrown out of every single country they've ever been in any large numbers. We're talking thousands of years. Emperor Claudius has a paper they found saying the Jews were."the universal plague" and they were his buddies. The Jew were all around him. I'm fully convinced that they are a tribe of psychopaths. Even the Jews who are fine decent people don't do much of anything to rein in the aberrations of the leading psychopathic Jews who run things. The good ones will have children and just make more psychopaths that won't be like the decent ones as they have cursed genes. They will always revert. This is exactly the same as Negros. Plenty of hard working decent Blacks move to White neighborhoods,have kids...and they just revert to being Nigger thugs.

I think his whole triage against Whites being weak is just roid rage. The reason Whites are not fighting back with all they have is they still have something. Blacks run the prisons and even our fearless leader James says he will do a suicide by cop if he thinks he's going to jail. As things get worse, and they are, Whites are going to become more violent. When they do our enemies will see some serious pain as we're a fairly kick ass group in warfare.

Of course the opposite could happen where White Men decide that our Women are so useless that we just refuse to fight for the society as a whole and say fuck it.