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On the Boxing Band Wagon
Can Dana White Do For Boxing What He Did For MMA?

James I don't know if MMA is losing steam or suffering from over saturation or lack of star power right now, but Dana White is jumping on the band wagon with boxing, doing well so far this year.

What is your take?

-Big Ron

The UFC has been taken over by globalist corporate interest which just wants good bottom line and is unwilling to push any envelope. MMA stars are complaining about poor promotional deals. The biggest name fighter wants to box and the new owner has begun the interim belt shenanigans. MMA fans are also disgusted by the continued steroid abuse and really crazy weight loss gamesmanship among the fighters.

One of the things fueling this is that the most popular MMA fights feature significant boxing. There is also the fact that submission of the night, KO of the night and fight of the night bonus system, which are fantastic ideas, coalesce to insure that submission of the night goes to one fighter and KO of the night and fight of the night goes elsewhere, making hitters bigger earners.

The thing about boxing and MMA is that although most MMA fights are entertaining and only a few boxing matches are, that the most entertaining fights of all are the best boxing matches. If someone could incentivize boxing so that champions would try and win rather than try not to lose and also do competitive match making, then the sport could be resurrected. Right now, the top boxer makes more than all other boxers combined. Changing this is key.

In my opinion, Dana White could transform boxing. He was a boxing man and understands it at the root and crown. I also think that MMA should dispense with gloves and go back to Pancrase rules.

The Punishing Art

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