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‘The Sylvids’
Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands Were Once Anthropologically Classified As Europeans

The following article was sent by Ishmael and is firmly in the white Indian genre. The reader should keep in mind that extensive pre-Columbian iron hearths of Celtic and Nordic types have been excavated in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia.

Frontiers of Anthropology

"This blog is to encorporate discussions on Lost Continents, Catastrophism, The origin of Modern Humans and the Out of Africa theory, Genetics and Human Diversity, The Origin and Spread of Civilization and Cultural Diffusion across the face of the Globe."

Thursday, March 17, 2011, Megalith Builders, Red Paint People and Algonquins

"Early depiction of Eastern Woodlands natives under the name of "Algonquins"

"Hearing that the entire language group including the Algonquins (and the others more generically called Algonkians) is most closely related to Old World languages with a Megalithic connection was revealing to me because the peoples with the Algonquin-related languages are also ones that are otherwise compared to Western Europeans.

In the times when some Anthropologists were into extensive classifications of humans into different subtypes, the Woodlands Native Americans were classified as "Sylvids" and stated to have the closest appearance to Western Europeans. In specific, to the Megalith-builder type of Western Europeans known as Atlanto-Mediterraneans or Iberians (Donnelly uses the term "Iberians" in that sense in 1881) Both types are recognisable by a prominent nose of a certain type, and even a specific proportion of nose length to chin length, and a long form of the skull when seen from above.

"So here are some photos comparinng a "Sylvid" to a selection of Atlanto-Mediterraneans, from an Anthropology website that still deals in such things."

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