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Old Baltimore Superstitions and Sayings
Some Baltimore Superstitions I Remember: Big Ron's Baltimore

Treat a whore like a queen and a queen like a whore.

If a bird runs into your window, someone is going to die.

If your left palm is itching you’re going to run into money.

If your ears are ringing, somebody is talking about you.

Women should never put their purse on the ground or they will go broke.

Never split a pole when walking down the street with a friend. If you do, you have to say out loud, ‘bread and butter.’

Whenever you walk across railroad tracks you have to touch a nail.

Never lay your hat on a bed or bad luck is sure to follow.

Never step on a crack or you’ll break your mother’s back.

Never watch TV when it's storming outside.

Young women should peel an apple in one long peel and wear it on their left shoulder. When it falls off it will give you the initial of the future husband’s name.

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