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Calling in the Cop Bomb
Mondawmin Shoppers, 6/5/17, 6:30 A.M.

The Mondawmin Shoppers is the grocery store that was targeted for the April 2015 Race Purge, and which served as the BPD/Maryland National Guard, command post for the entire week of riots.

Brother, it’s been getting worse down here—still getting worse two years in. This one shoplifter comes in and grabs his Tide pellets for resale and the cop stops him at the door and, relives him of the unpaid merchandise and lets him go. You know, unless he’s carrying three-hundred [dollars] plus, you can’t lock them up.

The fucker walks outside, waits ten minutes comes back in and does it again—instant replay four times with this guy. You got to give him an E for effort.

Amish? What the fuck? No, he was a spear chucker.

We get a new Deli clerk, hard-working kid, nice guy. Break time and he heads to the HBA aisle, puts a body wash and a deodorant in his backpack and goes to the bathroom to get cleaned up I suppose—gone, fired, caught his dumbass red handed.

No, he wasn’t Amish.

That’s just the lead-off hitters. Then this one, fucking mud-tone Mennonite, comes in and heads right over to the battery display that Angie has just setup, drops a dozen $9.99 packs of batteries into his little green bag and heads up to the register. Angie has followed him so he knows he’s been made and drops the batteries in a red hand basket under the register. But she doesn’t pick up on this and flags the cop while saying something to this guy and he goes off on her, yelling, "You don’t know who da fuck you messin' wit', Bitch!"

The cop gets in the middle of it, and while he turns his back on the dude to calm her down the guy starts punching him. This asshole is on camera, in the aisle, in front of a half dozen people winging punches into the cop’s back. You know the call went out!

Within five minutes we had twenty cops up his ass. They took him away.

I work at Fort Apache.


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