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'Why is Survivor the Embodiment of Evil?'
A Man Question from Sean

Sean commented on Why You Are Food

Sean, the premise of Survivor was so cool—actual desert island survival—that I tuned in for the first episode, quickly tuned out, and have been afflicted by the sorry drama on occasion visiting relatives.

Survivor is nothing but an alienation contest that mirror's the atomization of the human being in the moral vacuum of postmodern society, as exemplified by high school clique politics and backstabbing in the workplace. The entire mechanism of the show as an elimination contest focused on petty alliances, feckless affection and alienation of those competent enough to make a difference, if one were in an actual survival situation, is a simple mirror of the deconstructive process that is modernity. Survivor, the show, is to tribalism and disaster survival what pornography is to love and marriage.

Under the God of Things

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