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My Tattoos?
Big Ron's Baltimore

First tattoo:

Initials on inside of right wrist, some Wilkens Avenue idiot talked me into getting it.

I had another tattoo that got covered up: a couple weird faces, got done in Riverdale Village across from Tall Trees—a slum.

Everything else my wife did—training for her to start doing tattoos for money. For a while she was making really good money doing tattoos. She changed jobs and the schedule change didn’t leave her with enough time to devote to it. Sometimes she made a thousand dollars a week, cash money. But’s its stressful, something that’s going to be on the body forever.

Left sleeve: dice, horseshoes, flames, skeletons with double barrel shot gun…

The right sleeve is a religious motif, angels, Mother Mary.

Symbolizes the devil and angel whispering in either ear. I’m not a religious person. I don’t believe there is a God as much as I hope there is a God, something better than these fucking people on earth.

Star on joint to right thumb, just off of pictures.

Spade in joint of left thumb.

Right arm: The Great John L. Sullivan, the Boston Strong Boy. Good likeness.

Thriving in Bad Places

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