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The World is Your Toilet
A Radio Free Dindustan Report from Jeremy Bentham

“Jensen, 71, earlier pleaded guilty to criminal negligence causing bodily harm for an Aug. 13, 2015, shooting which left Kayleigh Surell badly injured. Jensen was drunkenly boasting about owning a .357 Magnum revolver when he retrieved it from his bedroom of his 33 Ave. N.E. home to show to Surell and another male. While showing off the gun, Jensen pulled the trigger, shooting Surell, now 27, in the back of the right leg. At Jensen's guilty plea in April, Juzwiak told Meagher the offender didn't mean to shoot Surell, but was reckless with his handling of the weapon."He did not intend to cause harm," the prosecutor said. "He showed a wanton and reckless disregard for the safety of the occupants of the living room." But in seeking a two-year sentence, Juzwiak told the judge that Jensen would have probably been convicted of discharging a firearm with intent to wound had he been sober. That offence, if convicted with a prohibited firearm like the one Jensen used, carries an automatic minimum five-year prison term. Meagher agreed a two-year sentence would normally be warranted for Jensen's conduct, but he reduced it by one-third because of his age and health issues.”

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Drunk senior sentenced for shooting a young woman he'd taken in

Bitches be Crazy Update.

The original crazy, cradle-robbing female teacher splits with her paramour. Presumably to seek out younger meat.

Mary Kay Letourneau Splits from Former Student More Than 20 Years After Illicit Affair

Brother just can’t catch a break. Even Liberal white people are all about following rules n’ shit.

Denver's most arrested and cited man

KUSA - Tyrone Henry, a 35-year-old homeless man, was the most arrested and cited man in Denver, according to a 9Wants to Know and Rocky Mountain PBS analysis of Denver police and court records from 2011 – 2015.

Officers ticketed Henry 64 times and he spent 174 nights in jail over 5 years, according to court records. He racked up medical bills for detox and emergency room stays.

“Notice again though, leftists and the cucks are importing foreigners and then promoting behaviors that are designed to create a massive, constant mortality on our population – this time through disease. Just as rabbits can never escape r-selection because of hawks and foxes, human r-strategists do things that will cause the exact same kind of massive, unselective mortality. It is not by chance. These are evolved instincts among the r-selected. The human r-strategist really is a killing machine, they are just designed to do it behind their fellow countrymen’s backs, to try and avoid the consequences of their perfidy.”

Denver Reduces Penalties For Public Defecation

Posted on May 30, 2017 by Anonymous Conservative

Turns out punishing public defecation is unfair to refugees:

“Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you.”

- Pericles

Why I Am (Among Other Things) a White Nationalist

“This mix of archaic and modern features supports the theory that Homo sapiens didn’t burst onto the African scene fully formed. Instead, the earliest people had a mix of advanced and primitive characteristics, and over time and across the continent, Homo sapiens evolved into the humans of today, Hublin said.”

Oldest Homo sapiens fossils ever found push humanity's birth back to 300,000 years

LiveLeak - Thief robs place where everyone was armed

Waking Up in Indian Country: Harm City: 2015

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ShepJune 9, 2017 6:55 AM UTC

Maybe the Letourneau news will finally give Emanuel Macron the courage to be free from HIS crazy cradle-robbing teacher, especially now that he is President of France.