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2:30 in the Afternoon
Hoodrat Martyrdom in Harm County, Updated 6/10/17

Suspect killed, officer injured in Dundalk shootout identified



Updated: 5:38 PM EDT Jun 8, 2017


Authorities have identified an armed robbery suspect who was killed during a police shootout that seriously injured an officer and a bystander in Dundalk, Baltimore County police said.

Police have identified the suspect killed in Wednesday's shooting as Blaine Robert Erb, 35.

A Baltimore County police officer old this author that "The man came to die. he had two guns and four mags. He was looking to have it out.

When I arrived at work last night, after my own adventure, my coworkers, two of whom live next to our other store in the Logan Village Shopping Center in Dundalk, Baltimore County, a store I set up in 1994, behind which my father's older sister still lives, gave me the following report:

"Dude, at 2:3- this afternoon, some big-ass homeboy stuck up two people right on Barclay Street at the shopping center.

"Then the dumbass tries to get away on the bus.

"The cops pull up.

"The bus stops.

"He lets people off.

"Then he stands in the back doorway and fires at the cops. A bystander—a passenger, I think—was hit and a female cop was hit, hopefully not the cute blonde with the pony tail...

"Him, he's fuckin' done."

-Steevo Bristol

My sources said this gunman was a person of color. But he appears to be white in the video. Who knows anymore. One way or the other this was suicidal behavior. The boy did good though, clipped a cop and made a stand that lasted maybe 15 minutes. Below is my take on it possibly being BLM inspired.

Across the nation, over the past year, people have been railing against the high rate of blacks killing and injuring police and blacks have been seething over the police victories, which are usually the way it ends when criminals attack police. In my opinion this was a Black Lives Matters inspired act of terrorism/martyrdom in what the majority of the black population in these Deluded States of America believe is an insurgency against a genocidal army of occupation. Most Americans look at these incidents and either see senseless black criminality or, on the left side of the political divide, a mindless child driven to violence by circumstance.

I see an act of twisted heroism, death by cop, suicide.

Dramatic video captures robbery suspect’s deadly shootout with cops

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